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Cloud backup solutions are there to protect your data from various threats. You back up your data and applications on the server of the cloud backup. But is your data secured on the cloud backup solution?

You should have the answer to the question as you are already investing heavily in maintaining the cloud backup. Cloud backup has become a necessity for businesses for storing critical files and applications. Cloud servers, no doubt keep all your data reserved and have the best possible disaster recoveries. But your data cannot be jeopardized just by some disasters, there are threats also. To secure your data from these unknown threats we have cloud cryptography.

Cryptography is referred to as a type of science in which ciphers are designed in different forms. These forms are majorly streaming, blocks, and hash functions. Not able to get such technical terms? It uses the technique wherein the original text is converted to a disguised text. In this way, the original data is protected while showing encrypted data. Cloud cryptography plays a major role in cloud hosting technologies. This is because problems arise in a cloud hosting environment related to security. These problems are legal compliance, process, physical security, data integrity, confidentiality, access control, etc. This leads to some additional data breaches like data not retaining, dynamically provision, data getting proliferated, etc. No one would their data to go through trans-border flow. To avoid such situations, cloud backup solutions came up with a more secured data encryption method.

cloud cryptography

cloud cryptography

What are the benefits of cloud cryptography?

With time everything is going digital. Starting with companies’ information to employees’ details. Such data should be kept at a place having the strongest protection layer as in no time it can be hacked and shatter your company from its core. For this cloud, cryptography comes into the picture. You instantly get insured against hacking, breaching, and malware. There are other benefits associated with cloud cryptography which are as follows-

  • Privacy- You would not want to share every piece of information with all of your clients. Cloud cryptography helps you in filtering information which reduces the chance of fraud. So if you are willing to protect your data from unauthorized users then consider encrypting your data.
  • Data security- data has to be kept too much protected when it is being transferred from one source to another. Vulnerability data goes quite up while such transferring of data. Data encryption conceals your data in the best possible way. Hence, such practices must be inculcated in your cloud backup solutions.
  • Instant notifications- When your data is encrypted through cloud cryptography then the measures related to the incoming site visitors get strengthened. You will be receiving notification of each of the user in real-time. This is to prevent any unauthorized user to make even a single change in your data. The authorized users will be given cryptographic keys. They will be getting access with the help of these keys.

Are there any setbacks to cloud cryptography?

These were the benefits, but cryptography in the cloud brings in some setbacks as well. When you are owning a business, you have to give thought to thousands of factors. This brings some setbacks to cloud cryptography as well. These setbacks are-

  • Costing- Data encryption can cost a lot at times. This depends on the type of data and the amount of data. A company as it is owning a lot of data and will have to loosen its pockets a lot to encrypt its data completely. The systems should be updated and advanced to support your encrypted data.
  • Encrypting glitches- No one can ensure 100% glitch-free encryption. Most IT professionals are aware of the glitches that are unavoidable while transferring data from one system to another.
  • Overprotection issues- There is over-satisfaction in seeing your data encrypted well. But the real issues arise while data recovery. Cloud cryptography methods sometimes lead to over protection. This creates difficulty in recovering our data when we are in great need. This difficulty gets amplified when you have used a large number of keys. To ease yourself from such difficulties, use as few amount of keys as possible.

Despite these setbacks, encrypting data has become the need of the hour. If you want your business and clients protected, then there is no better alternative to cloud cryptography. To get the most out of its benefits, you need to select the best possible cloud cryptography model. For this, there are mainly 3 types of such models. The models are Identity-based encryption, homomorphic encryption, and attribute encryption.

To conclude, cloud cryptography is another name for data protection. So if your company is ready to upgrade the data over a trusted cloud backup solution then never miss out on the opportunity of using a cryptography model and save your data from getting hacked or breached.