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When you start an online business and look for a web design company Auckland that can meet all of your site’s needs, you should know that this is a very important step because you are putting your business, its reputation, and its future in their hands.

So, making the right choice is very important.

One of the things that should help you decide is the company’s portfolio of web design work it has done in the past. If you pay attention and try to figure it out, it can tell you more than words and promises. I’ll tell you what you need to watch out for:

1) Portfolio Is There

Yes, it seems obvious that a company that makes websites should have its own website with a portfolio of its past work. But you shouldn’t be too surprised if you see one without it. There are many possible reasons for this, but I wouldn’t advise you to play with fate. Portfolio is like a “face,” and it’s the pride of a web design company. It needs to be full, substantial, and regularly updated… and IT MUST BE!

2) The Amount Of Works

This can tell you a lot, but there’s no set number that will make sure you’re working with a web design guru. Yes, 50 completed projects are better than 5, but the quality of those projects is also important. Compare the number to the amount of time the company has been in the market and figure out how many projects they do on average each year, month, or week. Keep in mind that making a website usually takes between two and four weeks.

What can you do with this information? First of all, it’s clear that the company has enough skill. Then, this shows that the company has a steady flow of work, a well-planned development process, and enough people to do the job. If you hire this company to design your website, you can be sure that the work won’t come out of the blue or be too much for them to handle.

3) What Kind Of Work

Carefully look at each piece in the portfolio. How many projects are like the one you need in terms of the type of site, the technology used, the industry, and how it looks and feels?

At least two or three? Good!

Five or more? Excellent!!

None? There may be a reason for this, like the owner didn’t want it to be published or the website is no longer up and running. If all of the other works show professionalism and skill, you should ask the owner what happened.

If you want to use a certain technology on your website, it’s more than important to see how the web design company has worked with it in the past. But if the technology isn’t very common or popular, it’s possible that the web design company hasn’t had a chance to use it for a commercial project. However, it might have been used for internal projects, so you have nothing to lose by asking the company to show you some examples if they have any.