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Lotus flower tattoos are one of the most trendy tattoo designs. And it’s easy to see why. With dozens of different styles, lotus flower tattoo designs are very meaningful. You should consider the design and color before you decide on a lotus flower tattoo.

Are you thinking of getting a lotus flower tattoo but are not sure which design is right for you? In this article, we will dive into the spiritual and symbolic meaning of the lotus flower tattoo. We shall also give you a brief origin of this popular tattoo design.

Lotus Flower Tattoo History

Although lotus flower tattoo designs do not have historical significance until recently, the lotus flower itself has a rich and meaningful history. In ancient Egyptian history, the lotus flower symbolized the dawn of a new day. As the sun sets, the lotus flower starts to slowly disappear into the water.  However, it once again flourishes as the sun starts to rise, thus symbolizing new beginnings. Ancient Egyptians, therefore, attached the start of a new journey or a fresh start to the lotus flower.

There have been many meanings given to the lotus flower throughout history. The symbolism varies between different cultures. In Hindu history, the lotus flower symbolizes awakening one’s soul to a new realm, or path, of higher existence. Buddhists believe that the lotus flower symbolizes spiritual awakening. In China, the lotus flower represents harmony in love and marriage and symbolizes feminine love, purity, and beauty.

Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs and Meaning 2

Different Meanings for Lotus Flower Tattoos


The lotus flower is held sacred by many cultures for both its religious and spiritual meaning. It is one of the few symbols embodying a universal sign of faith in several religious sectors. It is said to be a symbol of deep faith and devotion to the chosen religion of the beholder. It can also be used to represent your personal or spiritual journey in life.


For many, the lotus flower is used to represent personal or spiritual enlightenment. Thus, the lotus flower tattoo may hold deep meaning for those who are about to embark on their personal path or quest for enlightenment.

Peace and Harmony

Many people use the lotus flower tattoo to symbolize a sense of harmony and peace. This could represent their own sense of harmony and peace, or it could also symbolize a longing for world peace and harmony.

Color Meanings Behind Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

1. Black Lotus Flower

 Some view black flowers as a sign of sorrow, death, or rebellion. However, black lotus flower tattoos can also symbolize strength and stand up for one’s beliefs.

2. White Lotus Flower

 The color white is said to resemble purity. As far as the color of the lotus flower tattoo design, white is believed to symbolize a sense of inner peace and harmony as well as intellectual, personal, or spiritual purity.

Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs and Meaning 3

3. Green Lotus Flower:

In reality, green lotus flowers are a rarity. Therefore the green lotus flower tattoo is believed to symbolize rebirth. Those who are about to embark on a new and exciting journey might wish to use this color design for their lotus flower tattoo.

4. Orange Lotus Flower

If you wish to get an orange lotus flower tattoo design, you deeply appreciate both your spiritual journey and the beauty and nature. Similar to green lotus flowers, orange lotus flowers are a rarity in nature.

5. Blue Lotus Flower

Those who value knowledge and wisdom in spirituality should consider a blue lotus flower tattoo. If you are constantly pursuing higher knowledge and wish to lead a life of value and honor, then a blue lotus flower is the way to go.

6. Yellow Lotus Flower

If you are into yoga and meditation, opt for a yellow lotus flower tattoo. This bright design represents the path to self-love and self-enlightenment.

7. Red Lotus Flower

Red is the color of love, and the same is true of the red lotus flower. Usually shown fully bloomed, this color design embodies true love, romance, and passion.

8. Pink Lotus Flower

Similar to the white lotus flower tattoo, pink lotus flowers are used to symbolize purity. As well, pink lotus flowers can represent young or new love.

9. Purple Lotus Flower

Often associated with Buddhism, purple lotus flower tattoos are said to represent eternal life and spirituality.

Now that we have provided you with some history of lotus flower tattoo meanings, you can decide which lotus flower design you wish for your next tattoo.