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Do you know the fastest way of formal communication is a business card? Because of the increase in digital resources, people are sharing their business and information on digital platforms. These days, mostly all people use digital platforms to know about the company, their founders, product materials, etc. But still, the fastest and most accurate way of exchanging business info is a business card.

If you want a professional business designer card in Melbourne to help you with a modern design and trendy elements, contact BrandVillage.

A professional business card designing company always knows what is the best option to increase its branding techniques that make a brand define its goals and beliefs. This blog will read how a business card helps businesses grow in this digitally advanced world.

Why Do Businesses In Melbourne Need A Business Card?

A business card is more than a piece of paper or plastic bearing your name and contact details, as it requires careful planning on the usage and presentation of the information. Not only should it catch the attention of potential clients, but also convey the essence and goal of a business. People in Melbourne believe in socialising while partying on dinner. Therefore, a business card is a perfect tool to tell people about your brand.

Thus, an effective business card shouldn’t just list your name and contacts. Instead, 3/4th of the space in a business card should be correctly utilised. These are some small tips on how to make a business card perfect.

  • Ensure your business card is unique and engaging at a quick glance.
  • Avoid overly intricate or complex fonts that could compromise readability.
  • Do not fill up all the space on your business card.
  • Don’t use glossy shades or text colour that does not match the base.

Professional Tips For Creating Effective Business Card Content

Include Only Essential Information

A business card should only contain necessary information and something that can attract the viewer, like name, company name, logo and contact information. These days, business cards also include email addresses and social media usernames. But remember, text should not be too much; it completely fills your business card and makes it look gaudy.

Use A Clear And Concise Font

Your business card should be easy to read and understand. Therefore, choose fonts and sizes that are simple and easy to read. Avoid using too many different fonts or font sizes, and remember to create a consistent line gap to make your card look neat and professional.

Have Them Printed On High-Quality Material

A business card reflects the company’s goals and its professionalism. Therefore, it’s necessary to use high-quality materials and printing methods that can help the reader read all the information clearly and correctly. Remember to choose a base material that is thick and durable, and start with a single print to see how the card looks in hand.

Proofread Your Card Carefully

Printing costs money and resources. Therefore, before getting the cards printed, proofread all the information carefully for any errors in spelling or grammar.

Use A Call To Action

Connect with your audience about the actions you want them to take upon receiving your business card. This could be visited our website or contact us on this number. Include a concise call to action (CTA) in your business card, like: “Explore our website now!” or “Get in touch for a complimentary consultation”. You can also include a discount code or something that can attract the cardholder to buy from the brand.

Brandvillage’s Approach To Business Card Design

BrandVillage, is known for its unique and versatile logos, packaging, and websites that has helped many businesses to grow. Adopting three unique approaches in their work, their dedication to quality has led many brands to expand their customer base not only in Melbourne but also beyond. They always deliver extraordinary work, helping businesses reach out to a broader audience.


BrandVillage believes that the best business card designs are created through collaboration with the client. They understand how to showcase a brand’s goals and beliefs, and then the company’s professionals use their creativity and expertise to create a design that meets the latest trends and customer’s preferences.


BrandVillage always uses creativity and versatile trends to make their card designs. Everything is taken care of, from giving round corners to the card to using colour themes that match the product’s genre. That’s why all their branding and website designs look attractive and content specified.


BrandVillage is committed to quality and attention to detail. Quality is one thing that enables the user to view graphics, fonts, and logos clearly, so BrandVillage ensures their business cards are durable and look professional to the viewer.


Now you know what makes BrandVillage the best business card designing company in Melbourne. From delivering high-quality content to matching the colours and fonts, their team will refine the design till the client is satisfied and the design looks up to the mark.

So, if you want to increase your brand’s design concept and make it stand in this digital world, contact the best branding company in Melbourne, BrandVillage.