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If you have a small kitchen, you have many ways to maximize space and maintain a functional kitchen. You can tweak the design, find space-saving appliances, and install new cabinetry and organizational add-ons. All you need is a leading kitchen and bathroom remodeling company with experience in small kitchen projects. Here are eight small kitchen remodeling ideas to help you maximize space:

1.  Remove the Kitchen Wall

A kitchen wall can make your space look small. It creates a confined space with more corners. Removing the wall opens up the area and can add a few more inches of space. If you don’t want to remove the wall, you can replace it with transparent glass and sliding panels for a more functional and aesthetic appearance. Glass walls create a seamless flow from the kitchen to other rooms.

2.  Install Wide-countertop Cabinets

Cabinets with wider countertops can help you save space because they are versatile. A wide-countertop peninsula cabinet or island provides extra seating for guests. You can also use the extra inches to accommodate big cooking and baking projects. Consider installing an overhang for seating. The extra counter space may also offer extra storage space for appliances that don’t fit in the cabinets.

3.  Use a Single Bowl Sink

A standard-size, double-bowl sink takes up space that you can use for something else. Installing a single-bowl sink is one kitchen and bathroom remodeling trend for small spaces. A single-bowl sink can have a smaller base that saves more inches of cabinet and counter space. You can combine it with a narrow dishwasher to gain more cabinet space.

4.  Move Dishes to the Dining Area

You can create space for custom-built cabinetry in your eating area. The cabinet provides storage for your dishes and other kitchenware. Moving dishes and glasses to the eating area will free your kitchen cabinets and counters. You can use the extra space for something else. Consider glass-front cases and antique bookcases if you don’t fancy building custom cabinets. You can display the dishes in a pleasing way to maintain the aesthetic of the room.

5.  Build In Your Microwave

Staging your microwave on top of your kitchen counter eats up space you can use for meal preparation and other things. A better idea is to build in your microwave. You can convert the mid or lower end of the wall cabinet to hold your microwave. This will free up counter space and improve the aesthetics of your kitchen. You need an experienced kitchen remodeler to handle such transformations.

6.  Use Cabinet-depth Refrigerators

Standard refrigerators are wide and can stick out a couple of inches in front of the cabinet. You can use cabinet-depth refrigerators to avoid stick-outs that rob you of valuable floor space. Large refrigerators can crowd the passageways and make your kitchen look even smaller. You can choose a shallow option or recess your standard-depth refrigerator into the stud wall.

7.  Build a Walk-in Pantry Cabinet

Installing a pantry cabinet in a closet lets you remove some of the seldom-used items from your kitchen. You can install a pantry nearby to keep dry ingredients, kitchen cleaning products, linens, and more. Pantries come in simple designs with adjustable shelves. You can also find standard and more elaborate walk-in cabinets. Adding a pantry will free up space in your kitchen and make it appear larger and free-flowing.

8.  Use Hooks & Roll-outs

Hooks are great for small kitchens and provide a convenient, space-efficient way to hang kitchenware. You can use them for mugs, cups, lids, lightweight pans, and more. Hooks allow you to clear cabinets and counters for more storage. Roll-outs are other options for maximizing space in a small kitchen. You can add roll-outs to your base cabinets to make the space easier to access and utilize.

Working With a Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Company

Hiring an experienced remodeler is the best way to maximize space if you have a small kitchen. You need kitchen and bathroom remodeling companies that promise quality service and products. Choose long-serving companies that focus on serving your local area. Professional remodelers can provide valuable insight and advice to help you complete the best installation. You can also ask questions and find the best affordable fixtures.