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The queen of flowers, the rose holds a very special place in everyone’s heart that no other blessing of nature can replace. Whenever you talk about the beauty of roses, the first image that comes to our mind is a red rose. But the edges of roses are not just red. There are various roses and each of them has a different meaning. That is the reason we’ve gathered together the entirety of the basic tints that you can discover in a rose, and what each tone symbolizes.



Gifting roses was never a blessing — each blossom had a mystery implying that could be utilized to express to your loved ones how you truly felt. Not exclusively was the way of delivery and course of action important, however, the variety and shade of your flowers implied the distinction between saying “Sorry” and “Love you.” Roses did, as they do today, represent deep and true love. But, all the sentiments regarding friendship or love really depend on the shade of rose and their meanings. Here in this article, we are going to talk about the shade of roses and their meanings. So, this is very important to know about it if you are about to send roses online to your loved ones. So, be with this article and let us tell you about every meaning of rose as per their shades!

Yellow Roses:

We all know that yellow roses are known for friendship and convey love and care. If you give these flowers to your loved ones, it means you admire them and their company in your life and wish to have a great relationship in the future too. If you love someone romantically, never present them a bouquet of yellow roses as they are ideal for friendship but not for love. You can easily order flowers online and greet your loved ones or best friends with an impressive bouquet of yellow roses.

Purple Roses:

Lavender roses are beautiful yet unique and bring an immediate smile to the face of the receiver. They represent the glory and royalty which were used to give to the kings of the kingdom in ancient times. You can give these flowers on special occasions like Valentine’s day and give your loved ones a lovely and royal feeling. Moreover, if you started liking someone, you can give these roses without thinking twice as they also symbolize the meaning of love at first sight. So, steal someone’s or your crush’s heart with the help of purple roses and give the name to the new relationship.

White Roses:

What do white roses mean? They have consistently been an image of immaculateness, guiltlessness, and energy. White roses are otherwise called wedding roses in view of their relationship with youthful love and everlasting devotion and loyalty. They are likewise frequently given at weddings and other ceremonial events like christenings, advancements, and graduations. In any case, they can likewise be offered as a hint of honor, regard, or memory. Furthermore, giving white roses is the most ideal approach to state “I’m considering you.” So, at whatever point you miss somebody, order flower bouquet online and surprise them with a bouquet of white roses.

Pink Roses:

Pink roses represent womanliness, appreciation, style, effortlessness, refinement, satisfaction, and pleasantness. However, they likewise have extra implications relying upon their shades. A light pink rose expresses lightness, beauty, and satisfaction while a profound pink rose can offer thanks, acknowledgment, thankfulness, and is the most ideal approach to state “much obliged. A pale pink rose demonstrates tenderness, particularly when given for more thoughtful events, while medium pink roses are utilized for a wide range of occasions. In the event that somebody has encouraged you, give him/her a white rose as a welcome.

Orange Roses:

The orange shade of rose is a very beautiful color that everyone loves to have as a gift. They symbolize passion, a high zeal that you can present to your near and dear ones you love most if you don’t want to share them with red roses. Orange rose is the most ideal approach to state `I’m glad for you” with its importance of honor or esteem. They likewise express the sentiment however not as much as a bundle of red roses. Past this, the excellent mix of red and yellow, orange rose to represent a youthful sentiment or one in its initial advances, particularly if that adoration got from friendship first. When you know the significance of various rose tones, you can gift a bouquet as per your feeling you want to share.

Roses never make your surprises meaningless when you wish to make your loved ones happier and smile. So, try one of these roses we mentioned above and get the desired online rose delivery in Chandigarh as per your relationship with your loved ones.