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This has so far been just an idea rather than reality. However, a lot of big corporations have already implemented such innovations. As a result of the technological development of the internet, immersive experiences have now been made available. A notable thing that has emerged under this category is that of the metaverse. And now it opens the gates of corporate education.

How widely have metaverses spread

However, most of the current research on metaverses can be deemed speculative or those concerned about particular technologies linked to metaverses.

In short, the metaverse is by no means a panacea. This implies that it usually refers to a combination of multiple technologies. In addition, some of them already exist (like augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain, digital doubles, simulations) while the rest will emerge soon.

What applications of the metaverse technology can be implemented?

The reliable experts said so – they think that one can not attempt to apply fashionable solutions throughout the whole town. A case in point is teaching or lecturing in a metaverse proves to be less productive. However, technology will always remain one of the best options in situations where the formation of knowledge is hard, impossible, or dangerous for a person.

For instance, some firms use UI/UX design for Metaverse to practice conversational interactive role-playing games that utilize virtual technology to increase elasticity skills, leadership characteristics, and interpersonal skills. In this regard, students engage in problem-solving in the context of a realistic 3D environment that reflects typical business conditions such as the creation of hybrid work groups, new technology deployment, and equitable staff management techniques. Compared to other forms of video or slide course training, such a simulation is a better alternative that is affordable, especially for small organizations.

The metaverses will be applied in each sphere. As such, VR may help train healthcare professionals on how to communicate with patients suffering from dementia. Practicing on these virtual clients, allows you to gain experience without any potential damage incurred to real people.

Already, the industry uses digital doubles of equipment, etc., for copying equipment and workflows. This strategy is explained on how it has been put into use in Ford whereby, they consider creating at least seven digital images of the cars under development.

In the future, as one of the respondents noted, metaverses may become part of the training for emergency services – police or ambulance. It is difficult to reproduce the stressful situations in which they have to work on physical training grounds. In the virtual world, you can recreate everything, including onlookers and traffic jams at the scene of accidents. According to experts, this will help specialists not only to work out their actions but also to determine the causes of possible delays and misunderstandings.

By the way, metaverses are already used in the system of children’s education. For example, in Japan, they plan to launch a training platform in this format for children who do not go to school for various reasons. This should help them not feel isolated.

Why does education need a metaverse?

An online university in the metaverse can meet many needs of students, teachers, and the education system as a whole. Starting from limitless travel in space and time to analytics and automation of the educational process. The virtual world can give us something that cannot be realized in reality:

Through the metaverse, students may perform any chemistry experiment with no risk; they can click to be present on important historical occasions and easily examine the immensity of our solar system. This will also foster the absorption of the information by the students and full participation of the students in their education.

Additionally, the metaverse is among the most convenient platforms available to conduct virtual learning. In the metaverse, the game is a learning process that becomes the most intriguing strategic search. Almost every educational project can have a part of it dedicated to the metaverse.