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Per diem nursing jobs have been giving opportunities for nurses to explore and get more experience by getting to work with different medical facilities. Per diem nurse jobs in Mississippi are continuously increasing to meet the demands of nurses in the area. If you are planning to be a per diem nurse then knowledge of Mississippi health professionals: freedom and flexibility of per diem nurse can help you prepare yourself better. Here is some relevant information to get to know more about per diem nursing jobs and Mississippi.

How many Nurses are in Mississippi?

There are 44,069 RNs and more other health workers. With this number, it is still not enough to cover the demand for nurses in Mississippi. That’s why more and more per diem nurses are getting assigned in Mississippi. The hiring of different types of nurses is continuous in Mississippi and travel nurse agencies are helping in onboarding nurses to medical facilities that need them.

How In Demand are Per Diem Nurses in Mississippi?

Per diem nurses come in different specializations. The most needed nurses are ICU per diem nurses, operating room per diem nurses, and medical-surgical per diem nurses. This department handles patients with critical needs that’s why they are on the top list of in-demand nurses. Per diem nurses often act as replacements for nurses who are on leave or per diem nurses usually cover the staff shortages in the medical facilities to which they are assigned.

What is the Difference Between Per diem and Part-time Nurse?

Part-time nurses are given a fixed schedule but don’t work full time. Most part-time nurses are given a total of 30 hours a week. Most nurses who are given part-time schedules are the new ones or the ones who want to have more time for their family or time for their hobbies. While per diem nurses work on a day-to-day basis and their schedule is not fixed. They are given assignments based on the needs of the medical facilities that need their service.

What Are the Pros of Being a Per Diem Nurse?

Per diem nurses have a lot of pros that’s why more nurses are getting motivated to work as per diem nurses. Here are some of the advantages of being a per diem nurse:

More Flexible Schedule

The schedule for per diem nurses is not fixed. They are called by their agency once there is an assignment available. It can happen in an hour, tomorrow, or the next day. So per diem nurses have free time to do their stuff.

Get the Opportunities to Explore Mississippi

As a per diem nurse, you get the opportunity to go around Mississippi and discover new things there. Great food, new beverages, and coastal casinos are just some of the things that can make you love Mississippi. You can also enjoy their beaches during your free time.

Get Affordable Insurances

As a per diem nurse, you are provided with affordable health insurance. Health insurances can act as security for you, your recruiter, and the medical facility you are working with.

Lesser Burnout

As a per diem nurse, you don’t have to work every day and long shifts most of the time. This means less burnout for you. Burnouts are common for nurses but not for per diem nurses.

Freedom and flexibility of per diem nurse can be a guide on where to start as a per diem nurse. Plus you can learn more about Mississippi, so contact your nurse’s staffing agency now and be qualified as a per diem nurse and pick Mississippi as your first destination. Mississippi is a large area to explore, take the advantages per diem nursing jobs can give you. It can help you professionally and personally.