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Your AC has just broken down in the Maui heat. What should you do? Do not panic, as there is always a solution to everything. A broken AC is inconvenient and extremely useless in hot weather. Your goal during these hot moments is to keep the cool air inside and the hot air outside and avoid generating new heat inside the house. Your first solution would be to find a Certified Air Conditioning – Maui to fix the AC or replace it if necessary, but if you cannot do either, here are a few tips when it breaks down and you cannot fix it immediately.

Use Your Freezer

While that may seem like a good idea, standing in front of your open freezer to cool down is a waste of energy and will shoot your energy bill through the roof. Instead, put your bed sheets in freezer bags or wrap them in plastic and place them inside your freezer for a few minutes before you go to bed at night. The sheets will provide you with some respite from the extreme heat.

Open Your Windows

Opening the windows on a hot night may not make sense. However, if you have a fan, it helps improve the air circulation in the house. Keep the windows closed once the room is cool to keep the cool air from escaping. If you open the windows at night, ensure you close them early and draw the curtains to keep out the daytime heat. If you do not have a fan, do not open the windows as you will be inviting more hot air inside.

Avoid the Use of Heat-Generating Appliances

Avoid using the oven or dryer when your AC breaks down. These appliances generate heat that will worsen the situation, and if you must, use them late in the day when it cools down a bit. A great option is cooking on your outdoor grill instead of using your stove or oven. You might only have to do this for the night, and you can get the AC serviced the next day.

Use Fans

It’s always advisable to have portable fans around the house in AC emergencies. Portable fans include desk and floor fans that you can position to create a cross breeze. Position the fans to ensure their wind chill is more effective. Ensure you also put on the ceiling fans for a better effect.

Go Outside

If your AC breaks down during the day and the technicians come to fix it, you can leave your home and enjoy the outdoors. Go swimming or look for other outdoor activities that mean you don’t have to sit at home in the torrid heat. A broken AC makes it impossible to stay indoors until the technician can fix it. If it breaks down in the evening and the technician can only come in the morning, sleep on your patio or under the stars if possible!

Stay Close To The Ground

Hot air rises, and you should abandon the top floors if you have a multi-storied home. Sleep downstairs in the living room, or crash on your basement floor. When you create a cross-breeze with your fans on your living room floor, you can crash there comfortably until a technician comes over.

Take Cold Showers And Baths

Cold water may not bring down your temperature, but it brings some brief respite from the heat. Don’t dry off your body with a towel to get the most from the cold showers. Instead, let the water dry off slowly.

Stay Hydrated

When your AC breaks down, your body tends to lose a lot of fluids via sweating. To prevent dehydration, drink plenty of water and fluids.  Remember to also hydrate your pets by keeping their water bowls full of cool water.

Go To Other Air Conditioned Places

If the technician can’t come immediately to fix your AC, look for other places with a functional AC. You can go to your vehicle and run the AC. However, this might not be sustainable for a whole family, so you can visit family or friends before rectifying the situation. You can also pack up your laptop and go to a restaurant or public library, pass the time, get some work done, and enjoy their WiFi and other amenities.

A broken AC can be frustrating and almost unbearable. However, if you have an AC emergency and have no immediate solution, you can use these tips to keep you cool until help arrives. Never attempt to repair the AC yourself; always get a reputable repair company with qualified technicians.