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Illinois is home to some of the most truck accidents of any US state. For this reason, it’s important that IL residents know how to properly navigate the aftermath of a truck accident. Here’s a handy guide on how to do just that:

Ensure Everyone is OK

Whenever you’re involved in an accident of any kind, you need to prioritize the safety and well-being of everyone involved. Making sure that you’re ok after a truck accident is especially crucial, as ignoring major injuries can cause them to become complicated, or even life-threatening. Making sure that all people involved get the medical care they need ASAP is your job as a responsible citizen.

If you yourself are injured, do not try to overexert yourself, and remain as calm as humanly possible as you wait for EMS to arrive. If you’ve been severely injured in a truck accident through no fault of your own, you should consider reaching out to a truck accident attorney in your area. They have the experience and know how to guide you through all of the next steps.

Contact the Proper Authorities

Making sure that everyone involved in the accident is given a fair shake by the law is crucial. You should always contact the police to report an accident, especially when you’re in one involving a large commercial truck. By contacting the authorities, you will also help to ensure the roadways are cleared and handled properly. This will protect civilians from suffering further accidents and will ensure that you stay safe and secure at the scene of the accident as well. However, you mustn’t give out information that you’re not legally required to to the police. Doing so can cause issues with potential court cases later on (more on this later). Getting the police report properly and thoroughly completed will help you stay legally protected in the future.

Exchange Information and Gather Evidence

Now that you’ve begun to put the scene together, you need to make sure you can reliably prove what happened post-accident, and during the accident. First, you should take pictures of the scene, that show the damage to all vehicles, and that showcase the surrounding area. Taking pictures of the license plates of all vehicles involved is essential as well. Just make sure that you do so safely.

Once you’ve taken pictures, you can begin exchanging information with all involved parties. You should get their insurance information, personal information, and contact information to be sure you’ll have the ability to get in touch in the future. All this information will likely be involved in the police report as well.

Contact a Quality Attorney

To stay fully protected, you’ll need the help of a quality truck accident attorney. They have the ability to not only be your “coach” during this difficult time, but they can do a lot of the groundwork for your case, or legal defense, as well. If you’ve been injured due to the reckless actions of a truck driver, you can use their knowledge to seek damages that will help you recover, and pay for your suffering.

Avoid Openly Discussing Your Accident

Many people make the mistake of openly discussing their accident on social media and on other public forums. Doing so is always a terrible idea because you’re creating evidence that could be used against you. Remember, you’re not a legal professional, so you could easily say something that will hurt your case without realizing it. Even if you’re 100% the victim in the truck accident, an accidental slip-up in a public forum could hurt your case. So it’s best to stay quiet about your accident publicly until everything’s been settled.

Stay Aware of Any New Information

There’s always a chance that new information regarding your case will come to light between the accident and any court or settlement date in your future. You should be vigilant about watching out for such information, and your lawyer can help in these important efforts alongside you. If any new information comes from your side, you should let your lawyer know about it immediately.

Let Your Lawyer Handle Insurance Employees

No one likes to deal with insurance agents. So, let your lawyer do this dirty work for you. The lawyer you hire will also know exactly how to get the most out of your insurance, and how to avoid saying anything that might incriminate you. If you trust your legal rep, they will guide you through this process in an efficient, painless manner.