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The PDF format has become one of the most widely used file types in modern times, especially in the business world. It is a versatile and accessible format that can be viewed on any device or operating system. Additionally, it provides a high level of security by enabling you to restrict access to your documents using password protection, encryption, watermarks, and digital signatures.

However, PDFs do have a significant drawback. Unlike Word documents, they cannot be created directly. Instead, they must be converted from other file formats into PDF using a PDF converter.

PDF converters come in two main types: online tools and desktop software. These converters enable you to convert any file format into PDF and vice versa, allowing you to edit, protect, and compress your documents for sharing via email or other platforms.

It’s essential to understand the differences between online tools and desktop software when selecting the correct type of PDF converter for your needs. Each has its own pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Different comparison aspects


When comparing PDF converters, quality is a critical factor that should never be compromised. Poor quality conversions can result in inaccurate formatting or even data loss, which can be especially damaging for businesses that rely on high-quality documents to impress clients and stakeholders.

Although both desktop and online PDF converters have their own unique features, there is a significant difference in terms of conversion quality.

Desktop PDF converters are designed to handle complex documents, ensuring the highest quality conversion possible. Whether it’s text, images, videos, or hyperlinks, desktop converters can handle it all, making them the best choice for advanced PDF documents.

On the other hand, online PDF converters can handle simple and complex documents. They offer better quality compared to desktop converters and offer quick and easy document conversions as they don’t need too much formatting.


Availability is another aspect to consider while comparing both converters. While you need to install a desktop PDF converter on your computer and run the program to initiate the conversion process, with online PDF converters, things are simpler.

All you need is an internet connection to access them and they can be accessed on any device. You can convert any document till you have an internet connection. OnePDF is an ideal online PDF converter that helps you convert PDF easily with one click.


Another essential factor to consider when choosing between a desktop or online PDF converter is the speed of the conversion. The quicker the conversion, the better it is. No one wants to lose their hours waiting for the documents to convert.

When comparing both converters, the difference is pretty simple. While you need to install a desktop PDF converter and the program and begin the conversion, things are simpler and quicker with an online PDF converter.

All you need to do is open the website on your browser and upload the document you wish to convert and you’re good to go. The uploading is quick and the conversion is pretty fast. Also, the conversion speed depends on your internet. So, if your internet is good, the conversion is quicker.

Privacy and safety

Irrespective of your business, you want your documents to be secure. You don’t want any unauthorized access to your documents. Keeping this in mind, both converters are equally safe and reliable.

While desktop PDF converters are on your computer and no files are uploaded on a server, it is a safe way to convert your documents into PDF. Even with online PDF converters, the privacy and safety of your documents are intact. Though the documents are uploaded on a server, they are not shared with any third-party keeping your privacy as their top concern.


While choosing a PDF converter, you would surely want to choose the one with the best features. It offers you higher freedom to work with your document. Features like editing the content, adding or deleting pages, OCR technology, conversion to any format, and easy collaboration make a PDF worthwhile.

But not all PDF converters have them. Desktop PDF converters have some features in their free version, but to use all the features, you may have to go for the paid version. Online PDF converters offer all the features for free. OnePDF is an ideal online PDF converter that offers you feature like reading, editing, viewing, splitting and merging pages, adding lines and smileys, and many other features for free. So, you can access all these features for free in one click.

Now that you know the pros and cons of both converters, you can easily pick the ideal one for you.