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Sometimes, a healthy diet and regular exercise aren’t enough to keep your body in optimal condition. When you experience health issues, the last thing you need is a medication packed with shady chemicals that promises quick relief. These products often cause a variety of dangerous side effects.

For this reason, doctors today focus more on prescribing natural health supplements that contain herbal extracts and essential nutrients. A world-famous brand that offers such supplements is Oriental Botanicals Australia. This brand focuses on tried-and-true herbal remedies from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), transforming them into convenient, one-a-day supplements that improve your overall wellbeing. Scroll on to find out more about these health elixirs!

About the Brand

Oriental Botanicals Australia, which was launched in Byron Bay in 1999, is the country’s leading supplier of traditional herbal therapeutical products to pharmacies. Their extensive product line includes a wide variety of supplements, all of which can be purchased online. McPherson’s Consumer Products acquired this company in 2020, adding it to a growing list of market-leading creative health, wellness, and beauty products.

This brand values time-proven techniques and ideas that underpin traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, as well as Ayurvedic medicine, Western herbal therapy, and naturopathy. Their main mission is to bring traditional medicine into the mainstream, empowering everyone to live more active and happier lives. They strive to motivate people to live the balanced lifestyle that their hometown of Byron Bay is known for fresh food, plenty of exercise, tranquillity, and a lively community that welcomes everyone.

What Are the Bestsellers of Oriental Botanicals Online?

Oriental Botanical

The nature-inspired products the brand makes are excessively tested and designed to treat a variety of ailments. The range of Oriental Botanicals supplements helps treat allergies, digestive issues, sore throat, fatigue, lack of focus, PMS symptoms, etc. They also provide nutritional support to keep your health in optimal form.

Unlike some sketchy health supplements that you can find online, these products contain carefully selected natural herbal extracts that are used in traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Below are several bestsellers from their line of supplements.


This supplement is effective in relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety. It contains a concentrated ashwagandha extract, polygala, and Citrus peel. The ashwagandha extract relaxes your body and helps it adapt to stress. According to TCM, the herb polygala decreases irritation and excess nervous energy while also calming the mind and spirit.

It’s also been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to treat moderate anxiety symptoms. On the other hand, Citrus peel has long been used to reduce bloating, nausea, and burping by improving digestive weakness and regulating your qi (vital energy).

Astragalus 8

This product includes astragalus, which is used in (TCM) to strengthen the immune system and lessen the frequency of colds. In addition, the reishi mushroom, which has a long history of usage in TCM, boosts immunity and reduces tiredness.

The Chinese believe that the life energy called qi fuels all bodily processes. It’s said that, when your qi is drained, you may feel sluggish or catch colds regularly. Astragalus is a restorative qi tonic that also boosts protective qi and enhances lung qi, according to traditional Chinese medicine.

Hair Skin Nails Excel

The Oriental Botanicals Hair Skin Nails tablets contain a variety of vitamins and minerals to promote healthy skin, hair, and nails, including biotin to help prevent hair loss. Its advanced formula contains Biotin, Zinc, vitamin C, B vitamins, antioxidants, and other beneficial nutrients. It also includes dong quai, which is traditionally used in TCM as a blood tonic to assist enhance the condition of the hair, the strength of the nails, and the overall health of the skin.

Curcumin Excel

The curcumin supplements from this brand help to relieve inflammation, joint pains, and rheumatic pains. Curcuminoids are a group of active plant compounds found in the famous herb turmeric, with curcumin being the most well-known. Desmethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin are two more curcuminoids identified in this product that help fight pains and inflammation.

What Are the Core Values of Oriental Botanicals Australia?

  • Wisdom and Tradition – The company’s goal is to make the enormous potential and wisdom contained in traditional medical methods from all over the world available to anybody who wants to improve their health and wellbeing.
  • Synergy and Balance – The key ideas of TCM, synergy, balance, and harmony, are at the heart of this company’s efforts, from product development to their continual efforts to reduce their environmental imprint.
  • Forward-thinking – This brand is always looking for new ways to innovate and enhance its product line based on expertise, experience, and continuous research.
  • Integrity – They’re committed to acting ethically at all times and ensuring that their supplements provide maximum value to the customers.
  • Care – Oriental Botanicals’ consumers, staff, merchants, and suppliers, like the ingredients in their products, are a dynamic and varied mix of people from all over the world. They make a conscious effort to be inclusive and sensitive to everyone’s cultural beliefs and health requirements and seek ways to promote a feeling of community.

How Does Traditional Chinese Medicine work?

TCM states that health exists when the energy in your body is balanced and flows freely. Qi, the vital energy that is supposed to energise the body, is referred to as “energy.” The relative components of yin and yang—the traditional Taoist opposing forces of the universe—are referred to as “balance.” Cold vs. heat, moisture vs. dryness, descending vs. rising, at rest vs. active, and full vs. empty are some of the auxiliary adversaries of yin and yang.

In order to bring your body’s qi into balance, the Chinese relied on specific herbs. They included them in herbal teas, as well as potent remedies. TCM relies on powerful herbal mixtures. More crucially, these formulas are personalised to the individual according to the complicated principles of traditional Chinese medicine, rather than treating symptoms of a specific condition.

As a result, TCHM has the potential to be a truly comprehensive therapeutic method. It is, on the other hand, more difficult to learn and utilise than its Western cousin. TCM is often utilised in Asian Nations, both in its holistic and disease-focused version.