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Green is a shade that’s easy to pull off. The color complements almost any outfit, and it looks great in both casual and formal outfits.

However, pairing green with other colors can be tricky: You want your accessories to complement the rest of your outfit without overpowering it or looking too boring.

In this guide on how to choose the perfect accessories, we’ll show you how to select shoes, bags, belts, rings, and more so they match your outfit perfectly.

Your Wardrobe Is Full of Green!

You’re a green-lover, and you want to show it. You want to be noticed for the good things you do and the way you are, not just by what you wear.

As it turns out, green is another color that attracts people’s attention. It also indicates positivity. Moreover, the color also indicates sustainability. If you’re a Hailey Baldwin or Jessica Simpson fan, you need no other inspiration to slay in green!

With that being said, green can make any outfit pop out in the crowd because it stands so distinctly against its surroundings.

Can’t Figure Out How to Pair?

If you want to wear green this season, go for it! There are so many different ways to style green accessories. You can pair them with any color and style of clothing, too.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, petite or plus-sized—we’ve got your back with these guidelines:

How to Pair Green Accessories With Clothes

When it comes to accessories, the best way to pair green accessories with what you are wearing is to pick the dominant color of your outfit and then find accessories that match it. For example, if you are wearing a navy blue dress, then it would be best to choose a necklace or shoes that have some kind of green detail in them (like leaves or pinecones).

Another option would be to complement what you are wearing by finding an accessory that has another complementary tone—like yellow or orange—and pairing that with your outfit.

If you are wearing a red cocktail dress, consider choosing an emerald ring,  even in green, or a green purse that complements your look. Wondering how it might look?

You may take inspiration from how Eva Mendes carries herself wearing an emerald ring. And for some ideas on what carrying a green purse might look like, check out how Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr do it.

Well, precisely, whatever the color of your outfit is, find other accessories that match it or complement it in some way. You can choose a purse in the same color as your dress or perhaps a belt if the outfit has one.

If your shirt is bright pink (or any other bright hue), go for colorful jewelry instead, like earrings and necklaces with similar shades of pink, for instance. This will make sure that all of your pieces work together well so that they don’t clash when put together, like puzzle pieces would do if put together by chance!

What to and What Not to Wear

Here’s what to/what not to wear with green:

  • What not to wear green: If you want to avoid looking like a Christmas tree, try not wearing red or blue. We’re not saying you should never go near these colors, but if you pair them with your favorite shade of green, you might accidentally make some people think of the holidays.
  • What to wear with emerald green: Emerald isn’t just for baubles and gems—it can also be used as a color for clothing. Given how it contrasts against other shades (like black or white), emerald tends to work especially well when paired with neutral hues such as cream and tan.
  • What not to wear with emerald green: Beware of pairing navy blue turtlenecks and jeans; while they look great together on their own, they don’t necessarily complement one another very well on top of each other.
  • What to wear with army green: This earthy tone works well against jeweled tones like golds and bronzes; however, avoid pairing it too closely—like any other bright hue in your closet!


The great thing about green is that it works well with so many different colors. You can pair it with black, white, gray, or even blue – or any other shade of green! The key is knowing what goes with your outfit and how to wear it properly.