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There are two sides to a parked car crash. You’re either on the giving or receiving end of things. Either way, it’s not your fault, and you can make the best of the situation. This article helps you understand what to do if you got in a car accident in Orlando with a parked car or your parked car has been crashed into.

What Happens If Your Parked Car Has Been Crashed Into?

It can be deeply infuriating to find that your parked car has been crashed into. It’s even more annoying when you’re rightly parked. Knowing what to do is important. Follow the steps below on how to act.

Look for a Note Left by The Responsible Driver

Most drivers understand they are at fault, especially after crashing into a parked car. Such at-fault drivers often do the right thing by leaving a contact note for the parked car owner. The note will often contain their contact information, allowing you to reach out to get the person’s name and insurance details.

Check Vehicles Nearby

Sometimes the driver may be within the same building, unable to wait or leave a note. You can easily guess who the at-fault driver is by looking through the parking lot for similar damages. If you find scratched, dented, or mangled cars around the parking lot, chances are high that they may have been responsible for your vehicle’s damage.

Report The Incident

Parked car crashes are more common than you know. We recommend contacting the authorities if the at-fault driver has failed to leave a note or identify themselves. Reporting the case to the Police can trigger a hit-and-run investigation into your case. The Police may also review surveillance footage to find the person responsible for the crash.

What Can You Recover in Damages?

You can recover damages like;

  • Property damage or vehicle replacement (depending on how bad the crash was)
  • Lost wages if you had taken time off work to repair the damage
  • Medical bills if you were seated in the vehicle at the time of the crash
  • Pain and suffering

What Happens If You Ran into a Parked Car?

Crashing into a parked car happens sometimes. It may be due to issues like poor visibility, distracted driving, or improper acceleration or deceleration. Whatever the reason was, you should know what to do.

Below are some recommendations on what to do after crashing into a stationary or parked car.

Leave A Note or Call the Police

We recommend leaving a note for the other driver whose vehicle you have damaged. The note should contain your phone number, address, name, phone number, and a brief description of what happened. You can also just leave a note with your name and phone number. The driver can contact you to discuss the damage to their vehicle as well as request your insurance information.

You can also contact the Police to report the car crash. In such situations, the Police will take your information and show up at the scene of the crash. They will take all the necessary details and certify you free to go. This is essential if you do not wish to leave contact information. Once the other driver calls, the Police can match your details with theirs and process the remaining part of your case.

You risk a hit-and-run charge if you leave the scene without leaving a note or without contacting the Police.

Take Photos and Videos

Evidence gathering is not only applicable to when someone else is at fault. You should take photos and videos of the damage to your car and the parked car. This evidence will come in handy, especially when the other driver tries to pin additional damages on you.

Talk to Witnesses

Eyewitnesses are just as important to you as they are to the stationary car owner. Talk to the eyewitnesses and gather their information. This can be a huge part of your defense case, especially if the other driver tries to claim that you damaged their vehicle beyond what was captured.

Call Your Insurance Company

Insurance providers often advise clients and policyholders to contact them as soon as they can after an accident. You should speak to your insurance provider to notify them of the crash and provide additional details – including if you were able to reach the other driver or not.

Failing to contact your insurance provider after a certain period can put you at risk, especially as the provider may deny coverage of the damages caused.

Consult an Attorney

Speaking to an attorney after you have hit another person’s parked car isn’t necessary. However, there are certain cases wherein you may need to speak to a lawyer for legal help. Speak to an attorney if the case isn’t straightforward or you’ve been accused of additional damages.