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The time has arrived and your birthday party will come in a few days. Although planning your birthday party is fun and exciting, it can be sometimes a tedious task. So today we would like to give you some guidelines on how to prepare for your ideal birthday party.

Let’s dive in!

Design the invitations:

The type of invitation and the method of delivery can be different depending on the celebration. As for a birthday party, you can go with either printed or digital formats. The first is more classic and usually remains in the memory, but it has a higher cost. However, the second one is more comfortable and modern and lets you avoid the cost of printing and shipping.

A birthday party invitation is most in line with an informal, creative, and fun aesthetic. Online designing tools, like Canva or Greetings Island, can be very helpful in this regard.

As far as delivery is concerned, it seems to us that the digital format is preferable as sending emails is the fastest and most effective way.

If you want to invite your old friends, but you don’t have their email IDs, try Nuwber to reconnect with who you have not been in touch for a long time. Make sure to send the invitations well in advance so that the guests can organize their agendas.

Food and drink:

This may be one of the essential parts of the party. Therefore, you should not neglect any detail. Check if the space has its own kitchen to find out whether you have to hire an external caterer. You may use Leadar, if necessary, to choose a suitable catering company.

The ideal option for the event is a cocktail party with light refreshments. This format is more informal and allows guests to interact with each other more freely. In addition, it is ideal to complete it with an open bar with wine, beer, water, and soft drinks. Also, don’t forget mixed drinks and cocktails for creating a festive mood.

Another great idea is to use food stations, a very fashionable trend. Food stalls and a cooking or bartender show will provide originality and fun. Include one in your event and success is assured.


The decoration plays a fundamental role if you want to bring an original touch to your party. Therefore, we recommend taking time on this issue.

At the party, all the decoration elements should correspond to the chosen theme. Thus, you will set up a much more special atmosphere that will make your guests enjoy themselves to the fullest.

On the other hand, for non-themed parties, decoration is not essential, but it does help to create an impressive environment. For example, you can use flowers, candles, balloons, led lights… In addition, elements such as tableware or table linen have special significance for the party. Don’t neglect them.

Choose the music:

Music is in charge of giving that funniest and most casual touch to any celebration. Thus, to start the celebration you can opt for jazz or background music. However, for party time, having a DJ playing the music of the moment is a great option.

Keep in mind that you should choose music thinking of all tastes. There are many guests, each with their own preferences. For this reason, music selection needs to be adapted to all requests so that everyone can enjoy it to the fullest.

It is also advisable to prepare a list of undesirable songs that includes all the songs that you do not want to appear. This way you will save yourself from interrupting the moment of the dance and be able to focus on having a good time with your loved ones.

Choose the ideal place:

Choosing the ideal place is a very important point to consider. Each event has its perfect place for celebration, but you have to know how to find it. And that is not easy. Therefore, there are certain issues that you should pay attention to when choosing:

– Location: Look for an accessible space so that both you and the guests can arrive for your birthday party without any complications. It is important to check if the place has its own parking or if there is public parking in the area.

– Indoor or outdoor: The time of year in which you organize the party will completely influence this decision. If it is in spring or summer, a place with outdoor spaces is most pleasant. Even so, always have a plan b in mind, in case the weather decides to surprise you. If it is in autumn or winter, the ideal choice is to have a party indoors to protect yourself from bad weather.

– Acoustics: What is a party without music? The acoustics of the place must be good and it is essential to check it, especially if you are going to have performances or shows that require microphones.

– Distribution of space: music, bars, etc.: If your party is going to have live music or activities, you should consider how to distribute the space. Thus, you will ensure that the equipment enters without a problem and the guests can comfortably enjoy any entertainment.

– Accessibility rules: It is possible that among your guests there is someone with mobility difficulties. Therefore, you should make sure that the premises are adapted and comply with accessibility standards.

Leisure and entertainment:

Entertaining your guests at the party with some memorable activities is a real hit. These will help create a light-hearted and fun environment where everyone has a great time. For a private party, a good option is to introduce easy games that do not involve a very high cost. For example, you can organize dance, costume or imitation contests, treasure hunts, karaoke, an unusual photo shoot, play charades or board games, etc.

In the case of company celebrations, it is normal that you have a higher budget for entertainment. So, you can bet on spectacular performances or much more original proposals. We suggest some such as making a flash mob, magic and circus shows, comedian performances, photo booths…

We hope that our tips for planning an ideal birthday party will come in handy and you will satisfy your guests with the most enjoyable event ever.