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Nowadays, you can only sell goods and services with a beautiful promo. Therefore, many businesses buy such cool simple PowerPoint templates on TemplateMonster and other sources. Why is it worth paying money, how to use layouts correctly, and what content to add – this is the topic of today’s article.

What Are Simple PowerPoint Templates

These products are a set of files with ready-made page designs. At the same time, some options emphasize certain directional activities with the help of style, color, and other determining factors.

As a rule, buyers have at least ten templates to design the title page, the central part, studies in graphs and tables, and the final word correctly. Each of the elements mentioned above has several interpretations by the web designer.

Buyers can choose which slide variants to use and delete unnecessary pages.

Advantages Of Simple PowerPoint Templates

You may talk long about the company’s need to buy new decorations for the exhibition hall and expensive office equipment. But all employees will agree that saving on promos and slideshows will never bring good results. Therefore, it’s worth finding inexpensive and high-quality sources for designs. You can like TemplateMonster for many reasons.

However, the most important are the advantages of layouts that customers successfully use:

  • Unique appearance. Each layout is different from the previous one. Some designs are so thematic that they clearly emphasize medical, charitable, children’s, and other areas of activity.
  • Adaptation for mobile devices. Some buyers want to show their slides with important information to partners directly from their mobile phones. Individual users upload such files directly to the site. For example, to demonstrate the beautiful and stylish restaurant’s menu. Therefore, the pages must look high-quality and presentable on any gadget.
  • Ready to print. Since we are talking about layouts for PowerPoint, it’s immediately apparent that it’s easy to print the finished file.
  • Many different looks. Such pre-made pages are suitable for various parts of the speeches. At the same time, customers have variety and choice. Thanks to the many designs, you can create new slideshows on different topics several times.
  • Drag and Drop content. Just drag pictures from your laptop in a couple of seconds.
  • Single product and portfolio. Such features help focus the viewer’s attention on one important topic.
  • Sample content. The web designer added text samples so users could see the text blocks and where they needed to add information about their company.

These and other advantages make the purchase a profitable, desirable, and simple solution for developing your business.

Reasons To Buy Simple PowerPoint Templates

Googling the topic a little, you will find ready-made slides for free. A logical question arises – why spend money on something that authors provide for free? However, there is still a difference between paid and free goods. And the reasons are significant.

First, paid slides are more stylish and modern and have many settings. This feature isn’t surprising because the authors spent much time developing and implementing the idea.

Secondly, people satisfy the desire to be unique. Yes, you won’t be the only buyer. But paid items attract tens of times fewer people. By slightly editing the appearance, it’s possible to achieve an original and unique design.

Thirdly, you find fewer settings than in paid options. The authors provide quality functionality to improve the appearance of any detail.

Fourth, free analogs are inferior due to needing a mobile version. We have already talked about why it’s a preference for modern trade.

How To Use Ready-made Layouts

So, you received a ready-made slideshow purchased on TemplateMonster. What to do with the product next? The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Remove unnecessary slides. For instance, you need only one file cover.
  • Multiply the pages for the central part. Your presentation is more than one slide. Separate blocks are needed to tell about the company’s assets, its history, successful examples of work, and other information.
  • Fill blocks with data.
  • Add the pre-written text and pictures.
  • Save the finished slideshow. Do it on your computer and storage media. Such a slideshow often comes in handy. You must have it on a flash drive and always take it to a meeting.

That’s all the essential steps.

Rules Of Good Content

First, write well and check every word. It’s even better to give the information to the editor so that professional checks for typos and punctuation.

Secondly, upload images as possible in the best resolution. Who knows. Sometimes the file people have shown on a large monitor or projector. Poor-quality photos can completely spoil the impression, even if the layout is excellent.

Thirdly, divide the report into blocks. Devote one page to one thought. So the reader entirely concentrates and doesn’t forget significant numbers or data.

Simple PowerPoint Templates FAQ

How to choose the ready-made slideshow?

There are three essential theses – see the preview, read the product description, and search for the product according to the parameters you set in the filter. For example, choose a color scheme or specify essential functions. Submit your list of designs that interest you.

What features are essential?

Different things are important to each buyer. However, the mobile version and the drag-and-drop content are great helpers when creating and using the finished file. But this question is entirely subjective. Write down what qualities are important to you and search by the specified parameters.

How to edit simple PowerPoint templates?

You’ll have instructions for setting up. All buyers receive such manuals in addition to the product.

Where to download simple PowerPoint templates?

Regardless of the number of years on the market, any company must choose quality goods for its image. Therefore, we advise people to turn to professional and specialized marketplaces. For example, the same TemplateMonster has more than ten years of experience in its field.