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Social selling is a long-term strategy that requires time to achieve the desired results. That is why it is necessary that you have patience with this strategy and do not expect short-term results, because this marketing method is not intended for that. Its power lies precisely in the durability and quality it achieves after a certain period of time. Therefore, if you are ready for a long-term journey that will result in success and increased sales, social selling is the ship you should embark on.

Respect Studio, after many years of social selling practice for clients, can confirm the effectiveness of this marketing strategy. After many tests and successful implementations of this practice, we can confidently claim that social selling, especially on LinkedIn, is one of the most effective techniques for building a brand, gaining the trust of potential clients and achieving long-term and quality cooperation with them.

Factors of successful social selling strategy

A successful social selling strategy combines practices aimed at building relationships, building credibility and driving sales as a result of the previous two factors. Let’s see what it takes to achieve these results.

  1. Target audience – the first step in designing a social selling strategy is defining who your target group is. It is very important to identify the audience you are addressing because based on that definition, you design the next steps of your strategy. Social selling experts take this stage of strategy development very seriously and define your target audience in as much detail as possible – who are the people you are addressing, what is their profile, what are their pain points and how can your product or service help them. To build a connection with your audience, it is necessary to first define who your audience is.
  2. Providing value – Another key factor in a successful social selling strategy is related to providing value to your audience. This factor is exactly what differentiates social selling from many other marketing methods, because this strategy is focused on an individual or a group, has a personalized approach and seeks to gain the trust of its potential clients by providing value to them. In this way, the building of the credibility of your brand is achieved, from which comes the trust of clients, and that trust leads to increased profits.
  3. Consistency – When you opt for long-term strategies like social selling, it’s important to keep in mind that they take time to produce results. Social selling is one of the most long-term marketing strategies, but that’s where its effectiveness lies. Be patient and consistent in providing relevant and useful content to your audience, cultivate pleasant and friendly relations with them and the results will not fail.

The future of marketing is in long-term strategies

As marketing developed, so did people’s awareness of marketing practices, and along with that, their caution in who they trusted. In the midst of the use of modern technologies for the promotion of one’s own business, it is no longer enough for businesses to use short-term marketing solutions in order to make a profit. Now it’s time to take the game to the next level. We mentioned the caution of people who are your potential clients. This creates the need to approach them in a more humane and wiser way. Social selling is based on exactly that principle – neutralizing the caution of potential customers and gaining their trust over time so that they eventually become your loyal clients.