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If you’re a property owner and you have trees on your properties, then you must engage in consistent pruning. It helps to maintain healthy trees. It also controls their shapes and sizes. These are some of the reasons why professional tree service like Progressive Tree Service encourages people to engage in pruning practices.

The effects of pruning are obvious in the structure and overall health of the trees. However, pruning requires expertise. To see the desired results, you must understand the secrets behind pruning or leave it to professionals. Keep reading to know the secrets behind pruning and the effects it has on your trees.

What is Pruning?

The selective removal of unwanted branches from a tree is called pruning. It is the removal of dead or diseased branches. This helps new and healthy branches to grow. Sometimes, it’s done when the branches of a tree are affecting other structures of a building or posing a risk to the general public.

For example, pruning is essential if the branches of a tree are blocking the power lines that supply electricity to the neighborhood. As easy as it sounds, pruning must be done by someone who understands how trees grow. This helps to ensure that the goal of having new and healthy branches is met.

Benefits of Trimming Trees

It Improves Appearance

When you leave your trees untrimmed, they develop weak and broad branches. The limbs will also grow weak crotches. Trimming your trees improves their overall structure. It prevents the limbs from bumping into each other and gives them enough space in the crown.

It Increases the Size and Number of Fruits

If you have fruit-bearing trees in your yard, you must prune them at the right time. This will help you improve the quantity and size of the fruits. For maximum effectiveness, you should prune them in late winter. This helps them get enough sunlight.

It Increases Visibility

Trimming your trees reveals the aesthetic appearance of your property. It also gives you a better view of a valley, lake, and other scenery. When you trim your trees regularly, your landscape will be exposed to sun and rainfall. This makes them shine brighter and appear more beautiful.

It Improves Tree Health

An overgrown tree is an unhealthy tree. Sometimes, leaving your trees untrimmed may even lead to their death. Infested or diseased branches can affect the overall growth of your trees. However, trimming or pruning removes them and allows new and healthy branches to grow. Regular trimming also saves you the cost of future corrective pruning.

It Shapes New Trees

It is essential to prune your trees right from the start. This helps to restore lost roots and also trains them for the desired shape. However, it must be done by a professional who can predict how the tree will grow. This will help your new trees remain healthy from the beginning.

How to Prune Effectively

Have the Right Equipment

Before you think of trimming your trees, you must have the right equipment in good condition. There are different pruners for different purposes. Using the wrong pruner for your tree may give you an undesired result. You can also ask for the advice of a professional tree service company. They will guide you based on your needs.

Choose the Right Time

You can’t just decide to trim your trees when you feel like it. There is time for everything including trimming your trees. Sometimes, trimming trees during winter works best, other times, you have to wait till early summer. However, avoid pruning during early or mid-fall.

Trim the Right Place

Knowing where to trim is an essential factor in trimming. If you’re not careful, you may end up trimming the wrong place. Cutting too far or too close to the bud may hinder or damage the new growth. Hence, the service of a professional is required when it comes to trimming.

Know Your Flowering Shrubs

You must consider your flowering shrubs and know what works for them. Shrubs like clethra and abelia are best pruned in late winter. However, shrubs like holly and paniculate should not be pruned in late winter, otherwise, you may lose new flower buds.

Know Your Limits

Do you know you can destroy your tree by pruning excessively? Before you prune, it’s crucial to know your limits. Some guidelines that help you know when to stop pruning. If you’re not experienced, it’s very easy to go overboard with pruning.

The best and easiest way to prune your trees is by inviting an experienced and reliable tree service company. They know the ropes and can help you trim your trees correctly. This way, you can rest assured because your trees are in safe hands.