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Incense burners are pretty much common around the world. They are available in different shapes and sizes, all well suited for your room requirement.

One particular shape that has emerged a lot in online stores is the waterfall style incense burner. From the initial look, this thing seems like a work of magic. The smoke, coming out from the ceramic top, the aroma, the burning of the incense cone – Seems and feels like a work of Art!

But there’s a technique behind this. Once we understand the working scenario, everything becomes clear.

waterfall incense burner

waterfall incense burner

Incense Burner Cones

Starting from the very basic thing, the cones. Ordinary incense cones are available in stick type shape. The cones you will get with the waterfall incense burner are completely different. These are multicolor incense cones, small-sized, all having a hollow space in-between them.

There’s a hole on the burner as well. You light the incense cone and place it on top of the ceramic burner. When it burns, the smoke rolls back to the bottom of the ceramic material, all the way down to the base – Creating a perfect waterfall style effect.

So, in short, all the magic lies in the cones themselves.

How to use it:

The working scenario is also simple, just ignite the incense cone and align them on the center of the burner. Just wait until you see the smoke coming out. Once it starts, blow the fire out and enjoy the magical view.

Are they reliable?

It depends on what type of burner you have in mind. Not all waterfall incense burners are great. Some of them won’t even backflow the clear smoke until you close all the air in-take.

The first thing that determines the reliability of the product lies in the material itself. Since most of the burners are made of ceramic material – They are solid and will last for a very long time.

The next thing to keep in mind is how effectively the burner stores the cones residue. Waterfall style burners are designed to store the burning flames at the bottom of the plate. Once a cone is finished burning, you can easily remove the restful material and place the next one.

How good are they in your house?

Because the mechanism of incense burner works entirely on smoke, it can easily vaporize just by a little frizz in the air. For instance, if you just walk by the burner, the waterfall effect will fade away.

For optimal usage, you may have to turn off your AC, fan, and windows. Because if you won’t, you can’t fully enjoy the scale of the waterfall smoke effect.

Can we expect a full waterfall effect every time?

As mentioned, the waterfall effect is a little finicky when there’s air present. It’s best as a decorative piece that you can place on your shelf. However, don’t expect to produce a waterfall effect all day long. Because it won’t. Still, you can enjoy the beautiful aroma of incense.