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If you need more space, whether it’s for a bedroom, office, child’s bedroom, or chill area, you can easily reclaim space with a budget-friendly attic renovation. This is a perfect way to add an extra room to your home without spending a fortune. Making the attic a living space is a great method to make the most out of your home. If you’re looking for ways to do attic renovation, here’s how you can do it in no time.

Control temperature with insulation

Controlling the temperature in the attic is important since heat rises and makes the attic the hottest part of the home. To make the space comfortable for living, you should install or renovate insulation. The best way to insulate an attic is to use Prodex for installation. The type of Prodex can vary depending on where you choose to install insulation. For example, Prodex 24-inch or 16-inch is used for installing insulation between rafters. If you want to install insulation on the attic floor, then Prodex Perforated is a good choice.

In addition, make sure to check your HVAC system and see if everything is working. With good insulation, your AC system will work better, and your energy bills won’t be high. Another option is to install a ceiling fan to force the warm air down.

Make use of natural light

One of the greatest things about the attic space is that allows maximum natural light. Depending on the size and position of the attic, you might have skylights, dormers, or regular window frames. The unusual position of the attic allows you to make use of sunlight, which can give a warm feeling to the space.

Create easy access to the attic

If you’re considering converting the attic into a living space, whether it’s a bedroom or playroom, it’s required to get a regular staircase built. You can create a traditional staircase or convert the closet into stairs. Also, another option is to create ladders, which are not convenient at all times. You may build outside stairs that can give you direct access to the outside, however, this can give an apartment complex look to your home.

Maximize the storage area

It’s important to keep in mind that not all of your attics will be usable. But there’s still a lot of space that can be used for storing things in the attic. Recessed knee walls with drawers can accommodate your clothes, books, or other items. Make sure your attic flooring is durable to handle the weight. Attic space can have unusual crawlspaces with pipelines or a low roof that can allow you to build shelves and place your things. You can play with furniture, shelves, and drawers to make the most out of your space and maximize the storage area.

Add a bathroom

Reclaim space with a bathroom in your attic which will make the space more livable and comfortable. In addition, an additional bathroom in your attic will increase your home value. When building a new bathroom, make sure to locate it over the existing bathroom or kitchen where plumbing already exists. Also, utilize asymmetrical spaces with storage cubbies or shelves. Keep in mind that cast iron tub is heavier that fiberglass tubs. Lighter bathroom items will be easier to carry and move around when necessary.

One option to consider is installing an upflush toilet system like the Saniflo Sanicompact toilet. Upflush toilets are designed to pump wastewater in areas with low water pressure, making them an ideal choice for spaces where conventional plumbing might be challenging to install, such as attics. These systems are more cost-effective and less invasive than traditional plumbing methods, as they require minimal construction and can be connected to existing pipes. Incorporating an upflush toilet in your attic bathroom not only saves time and money but also ensures efficient waste management while enhancing your home’s functionality and value.

Renovating the attic can be a fun and exciting project where you can make the space however you like while staying on the budget. Create a new bedroom, office, or playroom and enjoy the natural sunlight that’s different from anywhere in your home. Follow our tips to create a comfortable attic space for your whole family.