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You’ve seen the ads – Revel USA performance parts with bold claims of insane horsepower gains, improved handling, and unmatched durability. Maybe you’ve wondered if these parts can really transform your car into a monster on the streets or track. Well, you’re not alone. Gearheads everywhere want the inside scoop on if Revel USA can back up the hype. Before you drop big bucks on parts promising massive performance gains, arm yourself with the facts. We’re putting their components to the test to cut through the marketing claims and give you the real deal. Do Revel USA performance parts push pony cars and imports to 11 or are they all smoke and mirrors? Read on to find out if these parts are worth your hard-earned cash.

What Are Performance Car Parts?

Performance car parts are aftermarket components designed to enhance a vehicle’s power, handling, or appearance. Things like sport-tuned suspensions, high-flow air filters, cat-back exhaust systems,  and alloy wheels fall into this category.

Power Adders

The most popular performance parts are those that increase engine power. Things like cold-air intakes, performance chips or programmers,  and freer-flowing exhaust systems can boost power by optimizing airflow and fuel delivery. For serious power gains, you can install superchargers, turbochargers or nitrous oxide systems.

Handling Upgrades

If going fast isn’t enough, performance handling parts can transform the way your car corners and brakes. Lowering springs, stiffer sway bars, and performance brake pads provide more responsive handling and braking. Upgraded shocks and struts also improve cornering grip and stability.

Appearance Items

Finally, there are performance parts that primarily enhance a vehicle’s appearance. Flashy alloy wheels, carbon fiber hoods, spoilers, and body kits all fall into this category. While they don’t necessarily impact performance, they can give your vehicle a custom race-inspired look.

Whether you’re looking to add power, improve handling, or just turn heads, the performance aftermarket has you covered. The options for modifying any vehicle seem nearly endless. So if you’re ready to take your car’s performance or styling to the next level, performance parts can help get you there. The only question is, how far do you want to go?

Overview of Revel USA Performance Parts

Premium quality at affordable prices

Revel USA is known for producing high-performance parts at prices the average enthusiast can afford. They use quality materials and the latest technology to craft parts that increase power, improve handling, and enhance the overall driving experience of your vehicle.

Engine performance

From cold air intakes to performance chips, Revel USA has everything you need to unleash your engine’s full potential. Their ram air intakes increase airflow for more horsepower, while their performance chips optimize your vehicle’s computer for maximum power and torque. Performance headers, cat-back exhausts, and tuners can also boost engine output.

Suspension and braking

To complement increased engine power, Revel USA offers suspension components like lowering springs, performance shocks and struts, sway bars, and chassis braces.  These parts tighten up handling and reduce body roll so you can fully exploit your vehicle’s capabilities.   Big brake kits, performance rotors, pads and stainless steel brake lines improve stopping power for enhanced control at high speeds.


In addition to performance, Revel USA also produces components to give your vehicle a custom look. These include ground effects kits, rear spoilers, stainless steel trim pieces, grille inserts, and more. Their products are designed to complement your vehicle’s existing styling for a seamless appearance.

With a wide range of premium yet affordable performance and styling products for many popular vehicles, it’s easy to see why Revel USA has developed such a loyal following.  Their parts do live up to the hype by delivering professional quality and results at DIY prices.  If you’re ready to take your vehicle’s performance, handling or style to the next level, Revel USA has everything you need to do it yourself.