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The rideshare services are gaining a lot of attention these days. This technology is one of the best that allows a person to book a car by just sitting at home. In the case of rideshare accidents, things can get complicated, and the insurance claims can also become a little difficult to deal with.

However, a car accident lawyer in Houston TX can help you navigate through the complications that can come your way while you maneuver through the legal processes of the car accident.

So, as compared to simple car accidents, there are different factors in rideshare accidents that must be kept an eye on.

Understanding the Rideshare Insurance Policies

If we look at the policies of the rideshare companies, it can be seen that companies like Lyft and Uber do give their drivers insurance policies that they need. This insurance coverage is never the same, and it keeps changing depending on the entire accident and at what point it occurred.

There are some of the considerations that we need to focus on.

For the damage and injury that occurs to the car of the driver, the driver has to carry a collision and comprehensive coverage. Also, for the physical injuries suffered by the cars of the drivers, it must be kept in mind that they have to pay a deductible if they need to make a claim in case of rideshare company’s insurance.

If the driver’s insurance has restrictions regarding its use in commercial matters, there can be gaps seen in the pre-ride phase.

Filing a Claim in Rideshare Accident Cases

Filing a claim in case of rideshare accidents can be a bit tricky. Here are some of the important steps that can be followed.

So, to start, you need to make sure that you focus on safety first. You need to look for any kind of injury that you have suffered from the accident, and then the next step is to call for the authorities that can handle the accident.

It is very important to document the scene of the accident by taking pictures and making videos that can later help in forming evidence in court. Also, when it comes to the victims, it must be made sure that their data and information are noted down properly.

Also, after this, the next step is to inform the ride-share company through the app or any other way to let them know that an incident has happened. You must call a healthcare professional to comprehensively evaluate your condition even if you don’t feel injured at first. It may not be apparent instantly that certain injuries have occurred.

With that, the most important part is to contact an attorney who can take your case and take it forward.

Passenger Liability and Injuries

When a passenger, while taking the rideshare service, gets injured, the company’s insurance becomes primary. Companies like Uber and Lyft give insurance to third parties in the ride phase.

The coverage, however, is always covered by the rideshare company’s insurance, which includes the medical expenses, the suffering, and the other damage that has occured.

In the cases where uninsured or underinsured scenarios occur, the story is entirely different. So, if the party that is at fault is uninsured or underinsured, in such cases, the rideshare company’s underinsured or uninsured coverage can come into play.

This helps the passenger with extra protection if the at-fault party does not have the needed insurance for the coverage.

If there are severe injuries or disputes with insurance, it may be worth seeking the advice of a skillful personal injury lawyer who specializes in rideshare accidents. Your rights and needs can be protected and negotiated on your behalf by a lawyer.

Legal Implications in Personal Injury Laws

Legal actions must be taken if there are pretty bad injuries being endured by the parties involved in the accident. It is oftentimes told to consult with an attorney as soon as a person can in order to make sure that the case is in safe hands from the start.

Also, at times when there is disputed liability, and it cannot be decided who is at fault, at this time seeking legal help is very important. Also, if you think that while seeking compensation, your insurance company is not helping enough, then you have the right to file a case against them so that justice can be served.


In the case of rideshare accidents, the cases do get complex a lot of times. With the involvement of the driver and his vehicle, along with the rideshare company’s own policies, it all can be a little overwhelming. But with the correct legal actions and involvement, these complex cases can be resolved, and claims can be filed in the right time to get the needed compensation.