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What started off as a necessity in the 1800s for those living and working in the plains, grew to be quite the fashion trend for urbanites years later. Yes, I’m talking about the classic cowboy boots that are still made for walking! Though they were an on-again-off-again trend throughout the decades, people who weren’t afraid to keep them as part of their wardrobe ended up gaining both in style and functionality.

This became apparent especially since 2020 when it became clear western footwear is here to stay. Many celebs are guilty of assisting this trend as they were seen stepping out of lockdowns in their most laidback ensembles consisting of loungewear, and of course, the comfiest pair of western kicks. So, if you’ve always wanted to add the “yeehaw” factor to your style but lacked the courage, now is the perfect time to do it!

And best of all, little ones can join in the trend too, considering there’s an array of cute and comfy roper infant boots to choose from. Regardless of whether you’re shopping for your own angel, or you’re choosing a cute gift for the new baby in the family, you won’t make a more fashion-forward choice than ropers. This is true for both the boy and girl designs. And don’t worry, once they grow them out, there are equally stylish toddler and juniors’ models you can switch to.

Why Choose Roper?

Why Choose Roper

Let’s face it, boots may not be the first choice for kids’ footwear, least of all infants, but there are many reasons that prove it’s actually a great investment. Starting with the brand itself, Roper have been known in the world of footwear for decades for their outstanding designs with properties like utmost comfort, durability, and style.

Although ropers, including the fancy roper infant boots, are cowboy boots, they differ from the traditional in the sense they’re more versatile due to their specific features, such as lower heels, shorter shafts and rounded toes. These very aspects are what makes these models more convenient for walking, even if it’s covering longer distances, besides being useful for ranch work and riding. On the plus side, they’re highly fashionable too, so it’s very easy to introduce them to the daily wardrobe.

What Do Infant Ropers Offer?

If getting the right footwear can be troublesome for adults, it’s twice the hassle for young ones. Before the purchase, you might be having some concerns about support, comfort, choice and quality of materials, considering how delicate infants’ feet are. You can get peace of mind regarding all this because:

Ropers Are Perfect for All-Day, Year-Round Wear

Ropers Are Perfect for All-Day, Year-Round Wear

No matter whether it’s for crawling, taking those first steps with stability, or doing some more walking and running, there’s the right pair of roper kids boots designed for ultimate comfort. The attention to detail in the choice of materials and design makes this possible.

With lightweight and flexible rubber soles, a roomy front for toe comfort, and padded cushioned insoles, you can rest assured these boots are made to cater to the needs of tiny feet.

They’re Durable

As infants quickly outgrow their outfits, durability may not be among your primary concerns, however when you decide to get ropers as the first pair of boots for the little one, or the first pair of shoes at all, durability is a given. In addition to the hardwearing leather, the boots also have top-notch stitching, and soles that can withstand the wear and tear little feet can put them through. You know what this means, right? Such boots are ideal to be passed down to other siblings!

And, Not to Mention, Stylish

If you want your bub to be stylish from the cradle, you won’t be wrong in boosting his or her little wardrobe with one of the chic models of roper infant boots. The incredible stitching, the colourful underlay detailing and floral and leaves designs on the shaft, the striking fabric linings and boot pulls are all components that add lots of interest to the footwear.

Pair them with your little girl’s jumpsuit, romper and playsuit, or use them to complement your little boy’s neat jeans and shirt combo – there’s no wrong outfit when they’re in the mix! And, as you can see, you won’t have to only choose them for the winter days because they’re comfortable and stylish even for the warm days of the year.

What to Consider When Shopping for Kids’ Ropers?

What to Consider When Shopping for Kids' Ropers

Given that there’s such a wide range of youth roper boots on the market, there are some aspects you’d need to have in mind during the purchase – doesn’t matter if function or fashion is your primary focus.

Since ropers have flexible outsoles, you won’t have to worry about support and stability for your toddler. They also offer breathability and protection from the elements at the same time thanks to the choice of quality materials that make for the perfect fit too. So, if these are already guaranteed, what’s there left to think about you may wonder.

Well, perhaps at first glance you don’t find the designs to be different for boys and girls, but unless they’re unisex in neutral colours, the truth is they are. To get the perfect pair for your bundle of joy, you’ll need to take a good look into the following aspects.

The Style

Ropers for kids

You can immediately tell boys roper infant boots apart from the girls’ models by the style. While the boys’ designs don’t have ornate detailing or patterns, those of girls come with intricate flowers, lace, and glitter, so choose them accordingly.

The Colour

Again, here you can easily tell the difference because the girls’ designs have accents in bright girly colours. These can be in typical pink, purple, orange, and even light blue, whereas those of the little cowboys are usually with dark accents.

The Shape of the Toe

Though there are models where there isn’t much of a difference in this aspect, with both boys and girls’ models having round shaped toes, others come with variations. For instance, boys’ roper boots can have square toes, as opposed to the pointy ones of the girls.

The Shaft

While both types come with embellishments, like embroidery, the options for the little lady fashionistas tend to be more complex. You’d easily spot the masculine alternative thanks to the simpler patterns.