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Being one of the most loyal and intelligent dog breeds, Rottweilers are highly sought-after by many prospective dog owners. Given that many people looking to buy dogs prefer to get puppies, it’s no wonder that Rottweiler puppies are in demand. It’s not uncommon for a reputable dog breeder to have a waiting list of people looking to purchase Rottweiler puppies. If you’re in the market for one, you can find Rottweiler puppies for sale at Champion Rottweilers. But first, here’s everything you need to know about rottweiler pups.

The Right Rottweiler Puppy

Rottweilers are one of the more rambunctious dog breeds, given to dominance and assertiveness. Of course, they can become the perfect house pet with the right training. That’s why acquiring them as puppies is more advisable compared to purchasing mature ones. In addition to being cute, rottweiler puppies can be trained to become the ultimate loyal dog. However, they must exhibit the characteristics necessary to develop into your ideal pet. That’s why it’s important to determine that a rottweiler puppy is the right one before bringing it home.

How to Choose the Right Rottweiler Puppy

Follow these tips whenever you’re thinking of buying a Rottweiler puppy.

1)Choose What Kind of Puppy You Want

If you simply require a rottweiler puppy to raise as a companion dog, the choice is usually straightforward. It’s not so straightforward if you require a dog that’s considered good for breeding. That’s where the difference comes between “show quality” and “pet quality” rottweiler puppies.

If you’re interested in breeding Rottweilers for whatever reason, the “show quality” puppies are ideal. These tend to have been certified by the breeder as having the necessary qualities for participating in dog shows in addition to producing desirable offspring. They also tend to be more expensive to purchase.

A “pet quality” Rottweiler puppy is typically one that’s not considered fit for breeding purposes or dog shows. However, they can still make excellent companions given the right training. Such Rottweiler puppies are cheaper compared to the “show quality” types.

2) Choose a Reputable Breeder

Unless you have vast knowledge and experience with Rottweilers, you won’t know what you’re looking for when you go shopping for puppies from a dog breeder. That’s why it’s important to choose a reliable dog breeder from the very beginning. A high-quality Rottweiler breeder will make all the difference when it comes to getting your ideal puppy.

A good breeder shouldn’t be too “salesy,” one interested in simply selling you any Rottweiler puppy despite your concerns. A reputable breeder should have no problem showing you proof of the Rottweiler puppy’s pedigree, parentage, vaccination certification, and all such details. Such a breeder should also be willing to provide a “take back” guarantee should any serious health problems arise after you purchase the puppy, typically up to 12 months.

Above all, you want to ensure that the breeder you choose is a dog person, someone who doesn’t mistreat the animals in any way. Be wary of Rottweiler breeders with numerous animal cruelty complaints against them.

3) Insist on Meeting the Puppy’s Parents

The saying that the “apple never falls far from the tree” is very relevant to Rottweilers. It’s highly unlikely that a Rottweiler puppy will develop into your ideal pet if its parents did not have the necessary traits. That’s why you should insist on meeting the parents of any Rottweiler puppy you’re considering purchasing. Similarly, insist on meeting the whole litter. This will give you a good feel for what to expect with the puppy. A Rottweiler breeder that refuses to let you meet the parents of their puppies is one you should reconsider doing business with.

4) Evaluate the Puppy’s Temperament

While a certain amount of playfulness is normal in Rottweiler puppies, be wary of those that take it to extremes even when unprompted by anything. Similarly, you do not want a Rottweiler puppy that seems overly withdrawn.

A good way to evaluate your chosen puppy’s temperament is to put them through their paces with the rest of the litter. You want to look for traits like calmness and a willingness to interact with others, among others. Choose bright-eyed and energetic Rottweiler puppies that don’t show any extremes of behavior.

5) Consider Your Other Pets at Home Before Committing to Buy a Rottweiler Puppy

Naturally, Rottweilers are not the most hospitable dog breeds when it comes to interacting with other animals including other dog breeds. However, they can be trained to get along with other dogs and even family cats. The same cannot be said for other types of family pets like rodents and birds. Consider the pets you already have before you think of bringing a Rottweiler puppy into your home.

All in all, take your time while choosing a Rottweiler puppy to avoid raising an unsavory pet.