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The problem with storage is that it can be so obvious. It’s so big and bulky it’s hard for guests not to notice, and you, meanwhile, can feel swamped by all the sheer amount of stuff in your room. But there are ways that you can make your storage solutions a little more …inconspicuous. Take a look at our suggestions of how you can sneak more storage into your home.

Vertical storage

One way of adding storage to your home that is woefully ignored, is the use of vertical space. Put down the 20th painting that no one will see because it’s in the spare room anyway, and instead put up some shelves. Wall shelves are a great space saver and depending on whether you get closed wall cabinets or open wall shelves, they can also serve to display a lot. You can create your own library with wall shelves, or your own art gallery, or in the kitchen your best glasses and dishes can go on wall shelves.

But shelves aren’t the only option. Loft beds are becoming increasingly popular as rent prices rise and city flats shrink. If you only have enough space for a bed in your London flat, you can get a loft bed and sleep on top and work at a desk or sit on a couch watching TV on the bottom.

Double purpose furniture

This is especially useful if you are in a small space, or you simply can’t stop buying things for the house and are rapidly running out of space: multi-functional furniture is a godsend.

What is multi-functional furniture? Well, it’s any piece of furniture that can serve more than one purpose. Think of beds that sit atop a collection of small cabinets, or lift to reveal storage or drawers, or even contain a TV. Another example is a coffee table that contains drawers, but maybe also a mini-fridge or cooler, or a wall cabinet that folds out into a table. There are lots of options that make storage more inconspicuous in the home.

A storage unit

There’s a lot of stuff we simply don’t use enough. Things like long winter coats and other seasonal items can be ignored for months, the spare bike you only use when your last one gets a flat tire, the music equipment you have in the room, but you have a better version of you use every day: all of it can be put away. If you look into storage units in London, you can put everything away for a few months, knowing all your things are safe and protected from both the elements and sticky fingers. You’ll have the only key so your things are kept safe, and you can come and go and take what you want when you want.

The minimalist theory

Hear us out. You don’t need to take on the rather extreme and to some, cold, look of the minimalist home design style to appreciate the things that work about it. Minimalist comes down to a few core principles that have nothing to do with colour or patterns or texture, etc.

These principles come down to a hatred of clutter and therefore a lot of careful consideration about where you put what. A few classic pieces are on display and the rest is put away. For these reasons, furniture is carefully considered. Think about furniture that doesn’t have a display case because it’s likely to be too busy to the eye for minimalism and you can put a lot of things out of sight and out of mind in cabinets without anyone knowing.