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The severity of drug addiction varies from person to person, making it challenging to determine if you should consider checking into a drug rehab program. Besides, the battle within can make it tough to admit you have a problem and need help.

That said, if you feel like you’ve reached the end of your rope and are searching for a drug rehab Austin center residents recommend, The Last Resort Recovery Center has room for you. The expansive facility’s team is committed to helping you or your loved one find lasting recovery. And whereas there’s no sliding scale you can use to determine your candidature for a drug rehab program, the following signs may help you know it’s time to do so:

1. You’ve Unsuccessfully Tried to Quit Severally

Quitting drugs is difficult for anyone, especially when dealing with an addiction. It’s like waging a never-ending war against an adversary who keeps getting stronger or changing tact. If you’ve tried quitting and found it challenging to stay away from drugs for an extended period, rehab would be helpful.

Generally, the lack of structure and support when battling alone often makes it hard to stay away from drugs, even if you vow to stop. In fact, many people end up in a vicious cycle of relapse and recovery, making it difficult to remain sober, even when they know they want to.

2. You Experience Withdrawal Symptoms

Do you experience a wide range of unexplainable symptoms whenever you try to go cold turkey? Well, most likely, your body has developed a physical dependence on drugs. Thus, whenever you try to stop taking them, your body withdraws.

The symptoms of drug withdrawal vary from one person to the other and depend on the type of drug you use and the duration. Generally, these include nausea, tremors, chills, headaches, and vomiting. These symptoms can be physical, behavioral, psychological, or cognitive.

And in severe cases, withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening, making it critical to seek professional help. For instance, depression, seizures, and delirium may arise and require medical assistance.

3. Your Connections Are Hanging by A Thread

Drug addiction can seriously ruin your relationships. For instance, you may start canceling plans, leaving your friends wondering why. Worse, you could end up pushing them away or isolating yourself and cutting contact with the people you love the most. For instance, your significant other may feel like they’re playing second fiddle to your addiction.

Plus, the longer the situation persists, the worse it gets. Your friends may also read the room and start shunning you. Who would blame them for dissociating with you? So, before you become an outcast and lose it all, it’s advisable to head over to a drug rehab center and make things right.

Sure, you could be circling the drain, with all your relationships tarnished, but all hope isn’t lost. You can find the proper support and treatment at such a facility.

4. You Prioritize Substance Abuse

When most people make a living, they think of paying their bills, maintaining a good home, saving for the future, investing, and reaching their financial goals. Conversely, a drug addict’s priority revolves around getting money for the next fix or drug purchase. In fact, if you’re battling addiction, you’re likely to get fixated on acquiring and using substances at the expense of other critical aspects of life.

If your mind is constantly preoccupied with getting drugs, you may require professional help. That’s because the addiction has likely taken control of your life, dragging you every way it likes. As a result, your responsibilities and hobbies become non-existent, leaving you with nothing else to do but find ways to get your fix. If your life takes such a turn, strongly think of a way to retake control, and that’s through rehab.

5. The Consequences of Drug Abuse Are Racking Up

Drug abuse is like a seemingly harmless wave that can drag you into the abyss – even if you don’t want it to. When the effects of a substance start taking their toll on your life and health, you know you’re headed down a slippery slope.

It may have started with a DUI charge, a fine, or an addiction-related medical condition. Whatever the case, things can quickly spiral out of control if you don’t take action soon enough. For instance, you could lose your job, join the wrong company, and get arrested for a criminal charge. Soon enough, your landlord may start looking for a new tenant, and your family could drift away.

And if you’re in school, your grades could suffer, and the school may deem it fit to expel you. In essence, the bottom could fall out in unimaginable ways, making rehab a necessity.

The only way to address a problem is to admit you’re in trouble. These situations show that addiction can quickly snowball into a dire situation. If you’ve experienced any of the above, don’t wait until things get out of hand. Seek help from a reputable drug rehab center and repair your life and relationships.