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Many different approaches to clean a humidifier are available. Choose the right cleaning technique based on how dirty the tank and frame are. Most of the residents on the Gold Coast use this device and hence have a query on how to clean the humidifier. Use the simple tips mentioned below and quickly get the cleanup done.

Wash And Rinse The Filter Thoroughly

You should unplug the humidifier first. Carefully detach the filter and rinse the surface with ice-cold water. Make sure to focus on the cleanliness of the faucet when you wash it. Rinse it in such a way that the dirt from all the edges loosens up. Do not continue using a worn-out filter. This will disrupt the functioning of your humidifier. Once done with the rinsing, leave to dry for some time.

Make Sure The Tank Is Spotlessly Clean

The next major step is to clean the tank. Remove the tank to clean the parts well. You have to then fill almost half of the tank with white vinegar. Let it rest for about an hour for better results. Pure vinegar because of its high acidic content plays a vital role in bringing down excessive mineral formation. You can use a paper towel or a sponge to scrub the ends of the tank. Molds can also be removed in this manner.

Rinse The Tank Well

If you do not rinse the tank, the odor of white vinegar will sustain. You have to wash it multiple times and only then can you get rid of the scent. Scrub the inside of the tank to remove the dust and dirt accumulated on its surface.

The Frame Of The Humidifier Should Be Free Of Dirt

Create a solution containing a mixture of water and vinegar. Use a tissue or sponge to clean the frame. Your tank will be clutter-free by now. So focus on the neatness of the frame next. Soak a sponge in the solution and clean the entire area. Do not leave even the smallest of the creases unattended. Once you do this, let the frame dry for a few minutes.

Assemble The Parts And Experience Fresh Mist

Though the parts of the humidifier including the tank and the frame were left to dry, take an old cloth and wipe the surface once again to get rid of any excess water content. Never assemble the parts if wet. This will damage the humidifier. Be extra cautious when you place the filter back into the humidifier. If you are done reassembling the parts, fill your humidifier with water and experience the freshness of the mist produced.

Techniques To Clean And Sanitize Your Humidifier

How To Disinfect The Humidifier?


Bleach The Surface

Bleach is a very good disinfectant. The amount of bleach to be added to the tank depends on its capacity. You can pour about two teaspoons of bleach and let it remain there for almost an hour. This will help sanitize the surface well. Refrain from leaving it untreated for a longer time, as it is a reactive chemical and thus can damage the tank. After the estimated resting time, make sure the tank is washed properly with cold water. Do not reinstall a damp tank.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is also an excellent sanitizer. All you have to do is fill the tank with a cup of pure white vinegar. Place the tank back and switch it on. Only if it runs for an hour will the outlets be clean. Even the minute dirt particles will be released in this manner. The dirt-clogged holes will be cleaned. Never try this technique using bleach or essential oils. It can harm the humidifier. Rinse the tank once done and fill it up again, but this time with lukewarm water. Run it once more to get rid of the vinegary odor. Wash the tank after the cycle is completed and leave it to dry.

Regular Maintenance Tips


Frequently Change The Water

Empty the tank of the humidifier often. This is to prevent the attack of mold and bacteria. It is advised to change the water every day. Never reuse the water for more than two days. Prolonged usage can reduce the quality of the mist produced. The mist then released will contain bacteria.

Do Not Let The Dampness Sustain

Excessive water content can give birth to molds. Getting rid of them is not as easy as it seems. Even once rinsed, give the tank and the frame enough time to get dried before fixing the parts back into the humidifier. It will be wise of you to turn the device off when the air is humid enough.

Deep Cleaning Is A Must

Regular cleaning is a must. House cleaning experts suggest cleaning the device once every three days for better results. Deep cleaning is also essential. The frequency of deep cleaning depends on how often you use the humidifier.