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In this article, I would like to tell you about a great organic Instagram growth service called SimplyGram. Looking ahead, I want to say that it is a superior service that I have been working with for eight months now, and it is worth every penny. This is the first service of such a type that I have tried, and it has exceeded my expectations, so I want to share my experience with you.

My Personal and Professional Background  

This is a review of the service, not my autobiography, so why am I writing this? I want to give you some context to understand why I chose SimplyGram and why it’s better than any other service I have tried before.

I’d like to start this review with some background. About a year ago, I decided to get serious about my Instagram account and increase the number of people who would be interested in my artwork (I’m an artist). Drawing was just a hobby that I’ve been into since junior high school, and then I’ve accumulated a huge amount of work over the years.

I used to show my works to my relatives (who, of course, always praised and never criticized me) or to my friends, who also praised me or did not show much interest. Just for the sake of it, they of course complimented me on my work, but I am well aware that they neither really  interested in it nor understand most of it. I felt that I stopped growing as an artist, and I needed feedback from an audience that would be interested in my works and not be afraid to criticize me. Do you see where I’m going with this?

I thought Instagram was the best place to showcase my craft. I created a separate account just for my artwork, and now I needed to find an audience that would be interested in my work.

What Is SimplyGram, and How Does It Differ From Other Services That Are Selling Followers?

At first, I bought ads from other bloggers, and it worked, but not as fast as I wanted, and it was not cheap. Also, searching for bloggers who are willing to advertise my account and not ask for several thousand dollars was eating up all my time. So I decided to search for more information on the Internet about how else to increase the number of followers on Instagram.

Along with profile optimization and other tips (hashtags, posting regularly and at the right time, collaborations, etc.), there was a link to a service where you can buy the desired number of followers. I didn’t like the idea right away, but the price for 1000 followers was only $5.99, so I thought taht wasn’t a too much of an expensive mistake to make. I bought 1000 followers, and as you understand, the service just brought 1000 bots which Instagram deleted very quickly.

Not that I got too upset about it. But, I don’t want empty accounts; I want real people. And $6 is a small price to learn something and teach you.

I did a little research and found that besides services that sell bots (which, by the way, violates Instagram rules), there are social media marketing agencies like SimplyGram. They actually promote your account for a weekly fee. Of course, it costs more than buying bots, but they bring you real people.

To cut a long story short, SimplyGram is a team that analyzes your account and finds an audience that will be interested in your content. Then they create or take existing “child” accounts (these are accounts that ask other users to follow your profile) and start to advertise your account.

My description of this service may not be the most accurate, but everything about marketing and technical issues is not my forte. I was worried at first that they would spam my profile link to people in their DMs. But it was actually done organically. I could not but ask my new followers how they found my profile. There was a large percentage of people who said that someone pointed out my nickname with the message “This guy has similar work” (there were really similar works in style), and that’s how they found my profile.

It’s important to note that SimplyGram doesn’t inform us about which followers it brought in directly by account, so I can’t say exactly what followers SimplyGram brought in. But I have noticed a significant growth after I subscribed to SimplyGram.

What I Liked About SimplyGram

– Registration on the website is very simple; you choose one of three packages on their website – Individual, Influencer, or Pro, give a link to your account and make a payment. And that’s the end of the registration part. Everything is easy, and you don’t have to give anyone access to your account.

– Most importantly, they do not violate any Instagram rules, so you will not get banned, and you will not have any problems.

– You can get your money back within 30 days, and they even have a three-day trial period.

– Customer support responds within 24 hours.


– It is impossible to track exactly how many and which followers came from SimplyGram. This is important for me because, besides SimplyGram, I also order ads from other bloggers. It is difficult for me to say how many users come from blogger ads.

Final Word

SimplyGram works; it’s much better than all sorts of cheap services that will bring you bots that Instagram will delete very quickly. If you’re serious about blogging on Instagram and don’t want to spend years of your life on it, you should definitely try SimplyGram.