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Do you enjoy getting chills by watching horror movies at night? If yes, then you might have watched a 2012 horror flick Sinister. It was a horror-genre movie that brought chills to any horror fan. Well, all kudos to Scott Derrickson, who is behind the direction and co-writing of this scary movie. The movie stars many actors including Ethan Hawke, Fred Thompson, and others. 

Sinister is the story about Ellison, who writes crime-based stories. He discovered the gruesome murders that took place in the room of his new house that puts his family at risk. The inspiration for this horror film came to the mind of the writer Robert when he watched The Ring, a movie that came in nineteen years ago. 

The main photoshoot of the horror movie Sinister started during the autumn season in 2011. The budget of this film production was more than $2 million. To pile up the credibility of Snuff films, the parts of Super 8 were shot on the real cameras (Super 8). The co-production of the film took place between the U.S, U.K, and Canada. 

The premiere of Sinister took place during the South By Southwest festival. The release of this horror film happened in the year 2012 on 12th October in America. In the same year, it was released earlier on 5th October in the United Kingdom. When Sinister hit the screens, it garnered positive feedback. Not just the story, but other elements of the film including music, direction, cinematography, and the environment in which it was shot. 

Actors who played their essayed roles in Sinister also got applauded for their acting prowess. Amid such positive reviews on multiple angles, the horror movie did not get spared from criticism because of special techniques used to scare the audience via terrifying sound or sudden change in the scene. It is called Jump Scares, also applied in video games.

No matter what, Sinister did a remarkable business at the box office with more than $80 million contrary to its budget of $3 million. Now it is obvious to think that whenever a film becomes a blockbuster, fans are curious about its sequel. And it so happened with the release of Sinister 2 that came six years ago on 21st August. Other than the curiosity of fans, it was the financial success of the first Sinister movie that spawned the need for a sequel. 

Show Details 

Movie: Sinister
Genre: Horror
Directed by: Scott Derrickson
Starring: Ethan Hawke, Juliet Rylance, Clare Foley & others
Place Of Origin: United States, United Kingdom
Theme music composer:  Mike Shinoda
Original language: English
Budget: $3 million
Box Office: $87.7 million

Sinister 3 Release Date

Story Plot

The story of Sinister is about Ellison, a writer who examines the actual crime events. He relocates to a new home with his family and children, Trevor and Ashley. He moved into that house that had witnessed the murder of a family. And so he makes this real crime as the basis to pen down a new book. He is hopeful of its research about the destiny of the 5th member of the deceased family, who vanished after the murders. 

The writer Ellison then discovers a box containing some items including footage of home movies and a projector. This footage displayed the gruesome murder of several families in many ways that included hanging, hit and run, drowning, arson, and more brutally by slitting the throat. All these killings are done by a camera holder whose identity is unknown.

While discovering these films, Ellison notices the presence of a strange symbol and a sinister figure. Then comes a night, when the latter writer gets deeper into the murder case and hears sounds in the room that seem like the drawings of a child depicting the gruesome killings with a weird figure named Mr. Boogie. He is seen standing next to the ones who became his prey. 

Ellison finds it important to take help from the regional deputy officer. He finds out that the murders in Super 8 footage did not take place at the same time, but differently in cities during the year 1966. He also discovers that every time a murder happened, one of the children of the deceased family got disappeared. 

Meeting With Professor Jonas

The local deputy of whom Ellison took the help of advises him to meet Jonas, a professor who has expertise in supernatural beliefs and occurrences, and can decode the symbols shown in the footage films. Following the advice of the deputy, Ellison meets professor Jonas who tells him that these symbols represent the ancient deity named Bughuul. He used to massacre every family and extracted one of their kids to consume their soul. 

Jonas becomes suspicious of the related murders as part of the rite of passage marking the entrance. So for him, it cannot be the work of a sole person throughout decades. To avoid spoilers, I would suggest you watch the movie Sinister if you haven’t. I have cleared you about the concept of the story of this horror movie. Rest you find out while seeing the movie first part and its second usual also. 

Third Sequel Of Sinister: Will It Come Or Not?

After the first and second Sinister movie series, now fans are believing a rumor that says about the third renewal of the supernatural horror movie. But rumors are rumors, so they are still not sure about whether it will happen or not. Also, no confirmation of the third sinister movie has come from its creators via any statement or announcements. 

Will the Sinister 3 Ever Be Released?

The question regarding the release of Sinister to happen or not has made fans wondering. If we go back to the first Sinister movie which came in 2012, then we can say that it was fresh at that time and became one of those horror movies that became a franchise in Hollywood cinema. With the first part, the movie raised its standards and got immense liking from the fans. 

But let me tell you the second part in comparison to Sinister first, failed to garner positive reviews from the viewers. Even critics gave thumbs down to it.