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We know that the excess of everything is bad. Similarly, addiction to anything is dangerous. But almost every one of us is addicted to the smartphone. A mobile user gets involved in using a social media account, taking selfies, chatting with friends, making group calls, and other such hacking activities.

It’s fine at some limit, but the overuse is not fruitful for human mental and physical health. Mostly teenagers, adults, or employees are highly engaged in digital activities. Which not only affects their working efficiency but also makes them idle over time.

If you are a parent or business owner, this article is going to highly beneficial for you. Here we will discuss the smartphone killing signs in your loved ones, then will share the solution in the form of the best Android tracking app.

Signs that Show How Smartphone is Killing Your Home or Business

Signs for Parents

Some parents thought their child just got addicted to the smartphone. The habit will be reduced, but they are not well aware of its side effects.

Or if you are a responsible parent and want to know that specific signs which show you your kid is getting extra indulge in the device. Here we are mentioning those points.

  • Sleepless Nights

You can get to know it by the dark circles on your kid’s face if it will continue. Your kid’s mind will affect badly.

  • Spending Extra Time on Mobile

If you have only allowed 5 hours a day and your kid hiddenly spends more. It means the device is becoming harmful to your kid’s life.

  • Online Bullying

Usually, kids pick other words quickly. And mostly they join poor communication based social media groups. When a kid hears some vulgar or abusive language, he/she repeats the same with the family.

  • Down Health

Excessive use of the internet or watching screen badly affects child health. It causes headaches, fever, sleepless nights, and many more things. Which gradually leads to physical and mental health damages.

  • Addiction to Harmful Content

The most important thing, which some parents even ignore after knowing it. Maybe your kid watches porn or cybercrime-based content. You can get to know it only by browsing the history tracking tool.

Signs for businesses

Smartphones are the highest risk for any business. Because these devices are easily portable, so there is a high risk of damage. Let us show you some signs, which show your device is not safe.

  • Unlimited Use of Mobile Data

You can track the record of data used by your employee device. Some employees waste business internet data for personal calls or SMS, which somehow affects their expenses.

  • Leakage of Confidential Information

Some spoil eggs do this mishap with the businesses. Because of some personal issue with a boss or any colleagues, they leak businesses confidential information to competitors. Tracking apps helps to catch and fire them on time instantly.

  • Lost of Business Device

There is some thief who sells the business’s devices and lies to the boss to get another one. As a business owner, you can detect it through a phone tracker app GPS location; either the employee is lying or telling the truth.

TheOneSpy Android Phone Tracker

TheOneSpy app has the best tracking functions, which give the advantage to both parents and employers. Its efficient tracking tools allow the user to monitor children’s or employees’ indoor and outdoor activities.

It offers 14 days money-back guarantee so the user could confidently purchase the plans.

It’s the only tracker that performs online and offline functions.

It gives access in two ways, one is through the app, and the other is a web portal.

The company has introduced 250 plus advanced technical features till now.

Either the user will target the 5.0 Android version or the 11th one, TOS provides compatible OS (operating system) for all.


If you see any of the above signs in your kids’ routine or workers’ activities, get the TheOneSpy Android tracking app to stop it immediately. Only a small amount of investment can make your life comfortable.