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When a house is being built, no one even thinks that it can be done without a project.  But when it comes to software development, design is not thought about that much.  Still, this is a necessary stage that allows you to make the development correct and high-quality.  Let’s analyze how the design of a software product takes place, from which stages, and what it gives.

This Requires Software Design

Software design is a set of measures aimed at determining the internal properties of the application and even the detailing of visible components. A custom project is created that allows developers to clearly understand the action plan, define the technology stack, and develop methods and strategies for product creation. Here is also a software development for retail.

Designing is sometimes confused with prototyping. But creating a prototype is a slightly different process. It is needed to understand how the application will look, where the elements are placed, and how they interact with each other. Designing in programming involves the development of a clear plan of action, the choice of data representation, styles, and architecture templates, and the definition of problem-solving strategies.

Software Design is Done For the Following Purposes:

  • allows you to understand which technology stack to use for development, which development methods to use, and how many people are needed in the team;
  • makes it possible to pre-estimate the cost of development and the terms of project implementation, to understand how the budget can be allocated, and to make a gradation of functionality, from the most in-demand to the peripheral;
  • minimizes risks during development and eliminates unnecessary actions that require time and money;
  • simplifies coordination of the development process with the client and gives a clear idea of the possibilities of the future product;
  • allows you to understand how the program will work, how it can be scaled in the future, and improve its functionality;
  • reduces disagreements between the client and the executor, as documentation is kept at each stage and a detailed action plan is drawn up.

Software Design 1

Stages of Designing Software Products

  • Compilation of the programming technical task. The product life cycle, development platform, and technology stack are defined. After compiling the tasks prescribed in the initial technical task, the methods of solving them are determined. A step-by-step action algorithm is developed, and system requirements for working with the program are determined.
  • Technical project. The most responsible step in designing. After determining the methods of solving tasks, an action plan for developers is drawn up, the internal structure of the product is fully determined, and the concept of modules and systems in the program structure is developed. For each module, tools and technologies are selected that allow ideas to be implemented.
  • Working documentation. As a result of software development, technical documentation is created. It includes a description of the product’s application, including system requirements and other factors. A user manual is also being developed, which describes the capabilities of the program and the principles of working with it. Software design involves the development of a user manual for the end user, it is written in an accessible language, taking into account the user’s qualifications. A manual for the operator or programmers is being created.

Construction and engineering software revenue is forecast to reach $10.42 billion by 2023.

  • Implementation. Designing a software product allows you to determine the life cycle of the program and develop a strategy for bringing the product to the market. First, it undergoes testing and is launched on the trial sales market, and then goes into industrial operation. If the product is developed individually by enterprises, then methods of production application are developed.

What does the design of a software product give to a business? First of all, a clear idea of how development will proceed, how much each stage costs, and how long it will take. The main result is the preparation of a detailed technical task. This is a document in which responsibilities, tasks, and ways of their implementation are prescribed. It gives guarantees to both developers and customers.


The design of a software product is necessary to create a clear technical task with the division of responsibilities, to see the capabilities and functionality of the program before the start of development, and to understand the algorithm of actions. instead, the stages of software design define a clear procedure for creating a project that allows you to follow the intended plan and create a quality product that meets business requirements.