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Turning up the right music can make a world of difference to your workday. Even on those days when you are feeling especially overwhelmed, or suffering from mental exhaustion, songs to motivate you to work may very well be what you need.

Indeed, a great mix/remix of motivational songs can get you out of that funk and boost your morale and productivity through the roof. Also, it’s hard to be anything but energetic when you have a fantastic playlist featuring the greatest of all times. Artists like Bon Jovi, Sia, Elton John, Eminem, Destiny’s Child, the Beatles, Drake, Bob Marley, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Louis Armstrong, and more will definitely keep you going.

Here is a compilation of some uplifting and inspirational songs to motivate you to work and give you that much-needed pick up when you are feeling less than enthusiastic

1. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

Eye of the Tiger is undoubtedly one of the best motivational songs of all time. It’s hard not to picture those intense scenes from the iconic and motivational movie Rocky III whenever this song comes on.

Therefore, this song is the ultimate pump-up anthem, and the lyrics carry such a deep meaning about always staying on top of your game. It will send your adrenaline rushing and have you thinking about the lyrics. With this in mind, you can confidently take this iconic track with you from the office and into your gym.

2. Roar by Katy Perry

Yes! You do get the eye of the tiger and are a fighter. Notice the reference to Rocky III? Roar is, without doubt, the ultimate pop motivational song.

It’s about finding the inspiration to dust yourself up and get back on the saddle after something knocks you down. Additionally, it’s the perfect lift-you-up song after you have come against a rough patch at work, be it mental exhaustion or lack of morale. Instead of allowing yourself to wallow in an air of lethargy, choose to roar like the champion that you are.

3. Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

This hit is the ultimate reminder that what doesn’t kill you should only serve to make you stronger. You may have suffered some challenges that set you back on the project you are working on. Got a not-so-great review and feedback from the boss?

Don’t let any of that get you and keep you down. Instead, turn on that pump-up music, and with some Kelly Clarkson vibes pulsating through your earphones, push through the day standing a little taller.

4. Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

Imposter syndrome can get you down. Together with negative criticism from coworkers, it can all dampen your spirit to hold on and keep up with the hard work. Above all, sing along to this beautiful song, and remind yourself that words cannot bring you down. Not yours, and certainly not the words of others.

5. Don’t Stop Believin by Journey

On those days when you question whether you are really cut out to be all it takes at your job, jam to this inspirational song by Journey to motivate you. Specifically, let this song remind you of the goals and journey you have envisioned for yourself and that you should always keep believing in your will and abilities.

6. The Fight Song by Rachel Platten

Fight through the negative energy and the discouraging voices from both within and without as you jam to this iconic song. Choose to turn your power on and be strong as you take back your work-life. Also, choose not to lose yourself, and silence the haters by being strong because you gotta be. Always remember that you still have a lot of fight left in you, and you can do whatever it takes.

7. We Are the Champions by Queen

This iconic hit should always remind you to keep fighting till the end, especially when things aren’t looking their best. In fact, it should motivate you to put in the work consistently. After all, that is what sets apart the world’s champions from the losers.

8. Hall of Fame by Will.I.Am

What goals are you hoping to achieve? Visualize these goals, and you will have the pick-me-up vibes and motivation to keep going. Obstacles can’t hold us and don’t stop believing that you can work it all the way to the hall of fame.

9. Run the World by Beyonce

Nothing like some Queen B on your playlist to bring out that fierce female in you. Have some doubts? Shake it off, and realize that there is endless power to run the world within you.

There is no denying the impact of music on productivity. Whether you have the music on your headphones or watching the official music video of your favorite song on break room screens, the right music can boost your motivation. With these songs to motivate you to work hard, you can achieve your goals and be a productive team member.