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Employee health and well-being are a priority for any company. By keeping employees active and engaged, employers can help ensure a healthy and productive workspace. That’s why, to help you make the most out of your business operations and boost morale, we bring you the top tips to encourage your employees to stay fit.

Let paperwork meet jumping jacks and conference calls become power squats. Sitting is overrated, and physical activity is the key to conquering spreadsheets and staircases. Infuse the nine-to-five grind with a sprinkle of zest and a dash of endorphins.

Are you ready to go? Then without further ado, let’s dive into the world of adrenaline and find out the top ways to encourage your employees to stay active!

Bring Workout Into the Office

Imagine a workplace where deadlines and dumbbells coexist perfectly, where productivity and push-ups are celebrated side by side. Bringing workouts into the office is a brilliant way to encourage employees to stay active and prioritise wellness. It’s no secret that sitting at a desk for extended periods can take a toll on our bodies, but with the right mindset and creativity, you can make your work days more movement-friendly.

For example, companies can build a bright and vibrant corner into a mini-gym with yoga mats, resistance bands and dumbbells to allow employees to switch up their work posture and engage their core muscles.

Additionally, incorporating stretching breaks or organising walking meetings can boost circulation and energy levels throughout the day. But why stop at the office walls? Consider taking the company fitness routine outside with a corporate adventure day out. This can include a team-building hike, a friendly game of beach volleyball, or even a kayaking excursion. Not only does this allow employees to disconnect from their screens and soak up some vitamin D, but it also fosters a sense of camaraderie and a healthy work-life balance.

By making physical activity an integral part of the company culture, employees are also more likely to prioritise wellness in their personal lives.

Discounted Gym Membership

Another way to encourage your employee to stay active is by providing discounted gym memberships. From cardio machines that make their hearts race faster to weightlifting stations that sculpt muscles like a work of art, the gym becomes a sanctuary where employees can sweat out stress and recharge their bodies.

In fact, feel free to go beyond simply providing access to a gym. Professional guidance and personalised attention can offer immense support in achieving fitness goals. To make this possible, you can also hire a personal gym trainer. These trained professionals will assess individual needs, design tailored exercise programs, and provide ongoing physical guidance to your employees. Moreover, gym coaches ensure that employees maximise the benefits of their gym memberships and make progress towards their fitness aspirations.

Personal trainers can guide you through proper techniques, challenge you to push your limits and offer valuable insights into nutrition and lifestyle choices. With their expert knowledge, they become a beacon of inspiration, transforming the gym experience into a rewarding and educational journey.

By offering discounted gym memberships, you empower your employees to take ownership of their well-being. However, it is possible that not all your employees would have the same exercise preferences. To deal with this, you can partner up with various gyms and fitness centres to cater to individual preferences.

Standing Desks

Introducing standing desks—an extraordinary innovation that stands tall as a beacon of productivity and health in our workplace. Can we agree that sitting for hours is the enemy of creativity and well-being?

Imagine a realm where employees no longer feel chained to their seats but instead empowered to stand tall and embrace an active workday. These ergonomic marvels provide a versatile workspace that seamlessly transitions between sitting and standing positions, encouraging movement and reducing the sedentary lifestyle that plagues modern office environments.

With the advent of standing desks, the monotony of the workday is transformed into a dance of productivity. The employees can bustle around, engage in lively conversations, stretch their limbs, and find their groove as they conquer tasks upright.

The magic of the standing desk goes beyond mere physical activity. As employees adopt this new way of working, they unlock many benefits. Their blood circulation improves, muscle engagement increases, and energy levels soar. The chair no longer traps them, minds become sharper, focus intensifies, and creative ideas flow like a river of inspiration.

From what we’ve seen, the benefits of standing desks extend beyond the individual. Furthermore, investing in your employees’ well-being creates a culture that values physical and mental health and fosters a positive work environment. In the upcoming years, we might just witness a shift in mindset, where physical activity becomes a shared goal, and colleagues encourage one another to embrace a more active lifestyle.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Imagine if employees can design their work schedules around their personal lives and fitness pursuits. With flexible work arrangements, you empower your workforce to prioritise their well-being and engage in physical activity whenever it suits them best. Whether starting the day with a rejuvenating yoga class, taking a mid-afternoon jog to re-energise, or enjoying a sunset bike ride, employees are no longer bound by rigid schedules that hinder their active lifestyles.

This flexibility extends beyond just the timing of work. You can also introduce remote work and telecommuting to allow your employees to escape the confines of their desks and embrace a remote work environment.

Imagine the possibilities of working from a park bench, a standing desk at home, or even a nearby fitness facility. This newfound freedom allows employees to incorporate physical activity seamlessly into their workday, whether taking stretch breaks, doing a quick workout, or even participating in virtual fitness classes.

Active Commuting

Implementing active commuting to foster a workplace that embraces an active and sustainable lifestyle is another great option. Let the daily commute transform from a mundane routine into an exhilarating adventure, where employees embark on their journey to work with a spring in their step and a zest for life.

Active commuting encourages employees to ditch the traditional modes of transportation and instead choose more physically active alternatives. With activities ranging from walking to cycling to rollerblading, or even skateboarding, the possibilities are endless. By incorporating physical activity into the daily commute, employees embark on a journey that benefits their health and contributes to a greener, more sustainable environment.

However, the benefits of active commuting extend more than just physical benefits. By choosing to leave the car keys behind or forego crowded public transportation, employees reclaim their time and embrace a sense of autonomy. The daily commute becomes an opportunity for self-reflection, mental rejuvenation, and setting intentions for the day ahead. It becomes a time to disconnect from screens, immerse in the present moment, and arrive at work with a clear mind and invigorated spirit.

By selecting active commuting, you pave the way for a healthier, more engaged workforce. In fact, the benefits ripple throughout the day, as physical activity boosts energy levels, enhances focus, and improves productivity. Employees arrive at work with a sense of accomplishment, ready to take on challenges with newfound vitality.

To Sum It Up…

These are a few of many fun and engaging activities to keep your employees active and thriving. From discounted gym memberships to standing desks to active commuting and activity days out, there is no excuse not to prioritise physical well-being in the workplace.

Embrace a culture of movement, vitality, and work-life balance.