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Sydney is known for its beautiful homes and stunning interior design. Every year, there are new trends that homeowners and interior designers embrace to keep their homes up to date with the latest styles. Here’s a look back at some of the top home trends in Sydney for 2022.

Maximizing Natural Light

One of the biggest home trends in Sydney for 2022 was maximizing natural light. As energy costs continue to rise, more people are looking for ways to save money on electricity by making use of natural lighting as much as possible. That means investing in large windows and skylights, as well as utilizing reflective materials like mirrors and glass to help bounce light around the room. This trend also extends to furniture pieces; many homeowners are opting for lighter colours that don’t absorb too much heat from the sun, helping them stay cooler during hot summer days.

Innovative Roofing Options

Roof designs have always been an expression of one’s home style. And retractable roof systems are one of the trendiest options for homeowners who want to give their space a cutting-edge look! Since retractable roofs are customisable and use automated technology, they can offer a variety of unique benefits. They can provide natural light as well as insulation against extreme heat or cold while also offering open-air entertainment options during gatherings. What’s more, retractable roof systems can also add interest to a mundane space and help convert any part of the home into an airy room with a retractable roof system. It’s no wonder that retractable roof systems became one of the most sought-after home designs in Sydney!

Open-Concept Floor Plans

Another popular home trend in Sydney last year was open-concept floor plans. This type of floor plan eliminates walls between rooms, creating an airy feel that promotes interaction between family members and guests alike. Open-concept floor plans are great for entertaining and make it easier to move around the house without having to navigate narrow hallways or doorways. It’s also a great way to make a small space feel bigger without having to add any extra square footage!

Bringing Nature Indoors

While the last couple of years have seen citizens of Sydney embracing the city’s natural outdoors, it seemed like 2022 was all about bringing nature indoors as well. With 2021 having been stuck largely at home due to the Covid pandemic, people seemed to refill their houses with vestiges of nature. There was a noticeable rise in homes filling up with plants, flowers, succulents and even some mini gardens – a trend that made the interiors much more lively and vibrant. Home decor stores saw an upsurge in demand for such items as well, with terrariums and indoor plant stands being especially popular among Sydneysiders last year. It could be said that 2022 marked the year when nature came in from the outside to fill up homes and hearts alike.

Sustainable Materials

The home renovation trend in Sydney has been focusing on sustainability since 2022 and continues to be one of the biggest considerations for those doing the updates. Everywhere you go, it appears there is a greater awareness of our planet’s fragility that is being taken into account when homeowners choose materials and finishes for their interior designs. Innovative materials like bamboo and recycled plastic are becoming more popular as they create beautiful looks while still promoting eco-friendly practices. The attention given to sustainability in renovation projects not only helps the environment but also offers homeowners better value for money when considering the long-term durability of their newly updated spaces.

Bold Colors & Patterns

While neutral tones were the constant in many homes across Sydney in years past, last year saw bold colours and patterns shaking things up. Homeowners across Sydney began to embrace brighter options such as turquoise, yellow, and purple; different vibes like modern, vintage, or even tropical; and eye-catching designs such as ombre and ikat. People quickly realized that by stepping away from the traditional greys, beiges, and whites, they could create their special oasis with their favourite colours instead. The trend has been building ever since; nowadays it seems like it’s almost expected to find a property decked out in eye-catching hues or creative prints somewhere in the city. Who said home decor had to be boring?


Back in 2022, some of the trendiest home designs in Sydney were characterized by a combination of minimalism and extravagance. Pool steel fixing was popular among high-end homeowners, who sought to upgrade their homes with luxurious features while still embracing a sleek and refined aesthetic. Pool steel fixing brought style and sophistication to the backyard and often extended well beyond it. It created an eye-catching ambiance visible throughout the property for owners and guests alike. Those stylish enough to commission pool steel fixing projects enjoyed simpler spaces that beautifully showcased their impeccable taste.

Retro-Glam Chic

For those who want something more eye-catching than minimalism but still want to keep things relatively restrained, retro-glam chic may be the perfect fit for their home! This trend is all about combining old-school glamour with modern touches for a unique aesthetic that stands out without being too overwhelming. Think velvet sofas paired with contemporary art pieces or glossy cabinets contrasted against textured wallpaper—the possibilities are endless!

To The Future

Don’t forget that the smart home trend was rippling across the streets of Sydney for the past year. Home automation was becoming increasingly popular with new technologies such as automated lighting and programmable thermostats revolutionizing how people lived. Suddenly, manual switches and dials were rendered obsolete as homeowners gained control over their environment through voice commands or smartphone applications. With a connected central hub that acts as a ‘brain’ for the home, people could build a living space that suited their needs to make day-to-day life easier and more efficient. Smart homes became the norm and completely changed the way we interact with our environment while giving us control in ways that weren’t ever possible until then.


The interior design trends in Sydney are constantly changing and evolving, with homeowners looking for new ways to create unique spaces that reflect their styles. From sustainable materials to smart home technologies, there is something out there for every homeowner who wants to make a statement with their home decor. Whether you prefer minimalism or retro-glam chic, bold colours and patterns or eco-friendly practices – the possibilities are endless! With all these options available it can be difficult to decide what look works best for your property but by keeping an open mind and exploring different avenues, you will eventually find the perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality that’s right for you.