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Today’s businessman needs to dress for success, it is a case where clothes really do make the man, and the man who wants to make big money is going to dress accordingly! Showing up at the office on a formal day in a T-shirt and jeans is not going to propel anyone to corporate stardom, in fact when the promotions are being passed out the chances are they won’t be changing desks, if they are still employed there at all!

There are a number of elements to a well-dressed businessman’s wardrobe, from shoes to necktie it’s important everything looks stylish and sharp! Among the key items of clothing that you will see smartly dressed (in other words, smart!) businessmen wearing are their business shirts, perhaps the most useful and versatile component of a winning ensemble!

Now that we have established the business shirt’s critical role, let’s examine the pieces that set it apart from other shirts!

The Collar – This is a case where success starts at the top! The collar is a key element of a business shirt’s design, affecting its overall appearance and the way it fits. There are a variety of different business shirt collar styles, here are some of the most popular!

  • Point Collars – These versatile collars feature a narrow shape that sits close to the neck, which can either be closed and worn with a necktie, or open for those less formal strategy sessions when the sleeves get rolled up!
  • Spread Collars – Somewhat wider than point collars, they ‘spread’ out from the neck farther. They are very formal and are usually worn only with a suit.
  • Cutaway Collars – These are the widest choice, featuring a V-shaped cutaway extending out to the shirt’s corners. They come in various widths, from the standard to the extreme, either will make a strong style statement!

The Fabric – The highest quality business shirts are constructed from linen, cotton, or a blend of the two.

  • Cotton – By far the most popular option, 100% cotton is very breathable, has a soft texture, and the care requirements are very simple.
  • Linen – Somewhat less common, but still a major player, linen is made from flax plant fibres and is more lightweight than a cotton shirt, but have a slightly rougher texture. They are a bit more difficult to care for and wrinkle easily.
  • Blend – The best of both worlds, easy to care for, comfortable, and always ready to make you look sharp!

The Cuffs – Two button-close barrels are the most common style, but the more sophisticated French cuff that requires cuff links is what is going to set the up-and-coming businessman apart from the herd! A nice pair of attractive cuff links will complete this picture of success!

The Bib – A key component of the most formal business shirts, the bib is the fabric covering the chest and stomach, and is generally made from the same fabric as the shirt. The bib is for business shirts worn on formal occasions that require a black tie dress code.

Now that you know your business shirts better, you can always dress your very best to impress!