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The vast majority of families all over Australia have at least one car to ferry everyone around to get the kids off to school on time. Generally speaking, it is the one thing that we can rely upon to take us to get the weekly shop and also allow us to drive to the countryside or to the beach on a bank holiday weekend. When we get into our vehicles, we turn the key and we fully expect the engine to turn over without any issues. The unfortunate thing however is that more and more people are finding that when they turn the key in the ignition nothing happens and it is because they are not taking proper care of their vehicles.

This is why you always need to make regular appointments with your Brookvale mechanic because it is this individual who can help to keep your car in good mechanical order and make it legal on the road. Our vehicles do have to go through government checks but there is nothing to say that you should service your car on a regular basis. It is common sense however that if you take care of your vehicle then it will pretty much take care of you and your family members. If you are reluctant to service your vehicle and you need some reasons why then maybe the following can help.

  • Safer on the roads – You must always make sure that your car is safe to drive on Australia’s roads and it is very important that it can stop quickly and easily in the event of an accident or a near miss. Many road traffic accidents are actually caused by poor car maintenance and so worn out tyres, windshield wipers not working and braking system is not up to par with the usual excuses. This is why you need to book your car in for a regular service so that these false can be found and addressed.
  • It actually saves you money – You may be curious to know how you can save money by spending money on regular servicing and the answer lies in the running costs of your vehicle. An engine that has the oil changed regularly as well as the filter will perform to its optimum level for longer which means less fuel consumption. If the tyres on your vehicle are checked regularly for a tread then once again, the car will use less petrol or diesel as it moves along.
  • It protects the value of the car – If you decide to sell your vehicle and you can prove that you have serviced it on a regular basis then you are highly likely to get a better price from potential buyers. People want peace of mind when they buy a used vehicle and so you can provide them with that.

Hopefully, these three reasons can encourage you to take care of your vehicle more and to book it in for regular servicing by a competent mechanic.