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Tree plantation is complicated as trimming, pruning, and removal need a specific period. So, the most commonly asked question to the arborists is the best time to choose for tree service company Rochester. And the widely-answered season is late winter and early spring. This is to get optimal results and healthy growth of trees.

There are times for scheduled tree services because trees act differently in different seasons. Though trees are not susceptible to worms quickly, over time, they get affected. This is why scheduled time is required for healthy growth.

Why are Late Winter and Early Spring the Best Time for Tree Services?

Usually, trees need care like watering, pruning, trimming, and adding mulch. But during winter and spring, the service needs extra addition.


Winter is suitable for trimming, pruning, and removal of trees. That’s because trees don’t have many leaves or are bare during this time. This makes it easy to observe troubled branches. However, trees tend to die during winter without sunshine and firm roots.

Thus, tree service in winter is necessary to know which trees can survive and which can’t. You see, a tree has many uses. A dead or diseased tree would be no good help for nop-notch services—a tremendous economic loss.

Moreover, you should remove the dead branches because they can break down and hurt passersby. Trimming trees encourage the healthy growth of plants. Trees are promised to grow well during spring when appropriately served in winter.


Spring is the most suitable season for plants to revive, grow and relax after winter. The effect of winter on trees is negative. Arborists remove diseased or dead trees or branches during winter, so other grow in spring.

Temperature holds a toll on the expected growth of trees. But the spring season is the most soothing period for trees to grow. There is no fear of drought, thunderstorms, or heavy snow. The calm weather helps proper and faster growth of trees. However, they get affected during this time too.

Trees under ice start melting with the increasing temperature after winter. When the changes in weather strike and ice melt, the air and water start to get contaminated. Trimming and removing should be continued to ensure proper growth during the perfect season. Because appropriate treatment during spring helps the tree stand by in all seasons.

Is it Possible to DIY Tree Service for Healthy Growth?

No, it is not possible to DIY tree service when the trees are big. But, you can give proper tree services to your smaller trees by taking expert opinion.

Scheduled tree services mean good service to the trees at a specific period. These include mulching, trimming, pruning, and even removing. Some big trees often grow unshaped creating fear among people of falling abruptly. Those are supported to grow using a heavy chain.

Tree removal goes with the same caution. Thus, hire a tree service company for better service than DIY.

I hope this article gave you enough information and reasons to give your trees good services. Let me know if you’ve further queries in the comment section below.