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A get back whip is a strange trend that was seen back then in 2000. People were unaware of this trend and they used to see bikers astonishingly having a whip attached to their bikes. Bikers of late 90s used to have a whip like thing attached to their handles. The grip of the whip was strong. Those whips were used for decorating the bike and used to flatter in the air while rash driving. That gave a real iconic appearance to the bike while driving. Colorful whips of that time used to look so good and mesmerizing on bikes that it began to gain popularity and became a trend. People having bikes used to attach it their bikes.

Bikers of that time used whips of different colors as an indication of the particular team. These whips were quite long just an inch above touching the grounds. In long races, bikers must have their whips on their handles. With time, an evolution came into the purpose of whips. Firstly, bikers began to use it as a detachable whip to attack the fellow biker in the race to win. Get-back whips were used violently in racing. Therefore, it got banned to use get back whip motorcycle while biking.

Motorcycle get back whip was attached to bikes permanently when it was used as a decorative item. But when the purpose of getting back changed from mere decoration to attacking, they get back whips became detachable from the handles. Bikers used these get-back whips to attack fellow bikers for fun and adventure. This was a form of torture that injured many bikers and for this purpose, get back whip motorcycle was banned in those countries. Only a permanently attached get-back whip was allowed for decorative purposes.

The Safety Purpose:

Get-back whips could be used for safety purposes for the bikers. When this thing came to mind the bikers, began to use it for self-defense. Get back whip motorcycle is a detachable whip that can be easily clenched from the handle and used on the attacker. Although it was banned in many countries because of its violent use in history, many bikers began to use it for safety and self-defense.

Abandoned roads are mostly famous for robberies and attacks that are unbearable for people if they don’t have a weapon to fight back. The main purpose of a motorcycle gets back whip is to stay protected and attack back in the hour of emergency. Many bikers have to go through these abandoned roads for the sake of the journey, so they need a weapon that is accessible and easy to clench in their hour of need. What can be more efficient than a get back whip?

Some of the motorcycle get back whips have brass knuckles on the edges that are sharp enough to fail the attack of the robber. But the use of get back whip is only allowed in case of emergency and not for recreation or fun purpose. If a person uses to get back whip motorcycle for fun or adventure, he may have to face worse consequences such as jail or high charges.

Get back whip motorcycle is efficient for self-defense because it can be easily freed from the handlebar. There is quick release clasp on pulling it downward. Nothing is more accessible than get back whip because it near to hands i.e. On the handlebar. While guns, knives, and knuckles, all are in places less accessible than a get back whip motorcycle.

Best Point of Attachment

There are two to three points where get back whip can be attached such as on the handlebar or central handle. But the best point of attachment is the handlebar. Motorcycle gets back whip can be as long as 22 to 24 inches. This is the safe length for getting back whip because it’s neither too long to get into the wheel nor too short to reach the attacker.  This is the perfect length. Attaching to the handlebar has many benefits. Get back whip becomes accessible and easy to clench when attached to the handlebar.

Get back whip motorcycle is easy to find in bike shops. It is available in different colors and styles. Apart from purchasing, a person can also make it at home using cheap quality leather and making braids out of it. This is quite inexpensive. People also purchase get-back whip motorcycles with brass knuckles. These are quite dangerous to use. They are strong enough to injure a person easily. Bikers only carry such get-back whips on long journeys in which the roads are abandoned and there are more chances of robbery. The knuckles on the get back whip when hit the back of the attacker, he falls on the ground with severe pain.