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The living room is one of the most essential parts of any house because it is the first place to welcome people to spend most of their time in it. So, to add a unique touch to your room, a person must follow some tips. In this article, we will give you a list of ideas to follow when decorating your living room.

Painting the walls

Changing the walls’ color from time to time helps renew the room. For example, choosing a dark color makes it look more luxurious. But before asking yourself: “Where I can find painters near me?” you should know what colors fit your living room best.

Mixing fabrics

It would look more impressive if you select velvet or leather cushions for the wool-lined sofa.

Curtains are too important

It will be more attractive to put tall curtains that touch the floor. A current shall be made up of two layers.

One of them should be transparent. It would be better if the curtains were ironed and free of folds.

Use huge plates

Huge pieces catch our attention, especially if they are appealing pieces of art. We advise you to buy plates that are painted by fine artists.

Put carpets

In the large area, putting a huge piece of carpet turns your living room into more like a lobby of a luxury hotel. We do not advise you to put pile carpets as they are difficult to clean. Also, avoid carpets with many colors. Try classic and simple ones.

Metal is awesome

Metals such as bronze, chrome, and copper add luxury to your living room.

Add vintage pieces

The existence of an antique piece inlaid with brass, made of solid wood or carved, adds more beauty to the room.

Pay attention to fabric

It is better to choose a thicker fabric for upholstering the entire sofa or pillows. Do not fill pillows with ordinary polyester but rather with ostrich feathers. While for the upholstery, it is better to accentuate the curves, away from the outdated sharp edges.

Keep away from these mistakes

As choosing colors is hard somehow, here are some mistakes to avoid when decorating your room:

Not adhering to the basic color

Yes, choosing the best color could be difficult. Therefore, try not to use multi-colors excessively because you do not know what color you prefer. Always choose one color to dominate the room and then make little additions.

Using several colors might seem beautiful sometimes, but using the wrong ones might lead to real disaster. So, choose colors that are consistent or complementary to each other.

Not following the 60/30/10 rule

It is always better to follow the 60/30/10 rule to get better results. Abiding by the following plan: 60 percent for the dominant color, 30 percent for the secondary color, and 10 percent for the complementary color will let your room look more comfortable to the eye.

Ignoring the lightning

This is one of the biggest mistakes. Many people tend to buy colors that will never look beautiful at some point in the day as light changes from hour to hour.

There are many sources of lighting, including units distributed on the ceiling or walls, hidden lighting, or candles. To add an element of luxury, it is necessary to rely on several sources of lighting, which add depth to the room, such as the huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and the huge candles kept inside attractive iron and glass containers, suitable for decorating empty corners.

Keep in mind to follow all the new trends in the world of home decoration to keep your house more stylish and modern.

Now you know the dos and the don’ts are you going to follow these tips?