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Neon lights are trending again for home and office decor. Shops are using neon signage as well to stand out and gain more customer familiarity. No matter what kind of neon sign you choose, it’s going to add personality to your space, not to mention vivid colors. If you’re considering getting a neon sign for an office space, it can be a great way to generate positive feelings and motivate people to work. With all the benefits of neon signs, there are some costs that you should consider so you can choose suitable neon signage for your business:

Some Costs

Power Requirements

Conventional neon signs require high voltage to run, so you’ll need to make sure that the power outlet you choose for your neon signs isn’t being used for other electrical appliances. An overload could end up in a short circuit which might start a fire. Taking pre-emptive measures and putting up a notice for instructions can help you reduce such risks. Before you get a neon sign, you should take into account any voltage fluctuations. Once you get a neon sign, try not to plug in too many devices to a single outlet.

Health Hazard

Typical neon signs contain harmful gases like argon and neon in their tubes. These toxic gases could leak if there is a crack in the neon sign. Being fragile, the glass tubes could break easily if you drop them or accidentally bump into them. The broken glass could injure someone or touching it might give a shock because of the high voltage. This poses a health risk to you and your coworkers so your business may need to reassess its workplace safety insurance. These traditional neon signs also get very hot and should not be touched or covered by a cloth. Also, make sure that you aren’t using flammable objects close to your sign, and always keep water away from it.

High Maintenance

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Take into account repair costs when buying neon signs for your business, especially if you want to keep the sign outdoors. Wind, heavy rainfall or snow could easily damage your neon sign because of the glass tubes being susceptible to shocks or impact. You would either need to get it repaired or get a new one altogether.

You will need to brief your coworkers on everything they need to know about handling neon signs with care to make sure that your clients or customers don’t get hurt by touching it. Traditional neon signs need to be maintained regularly so that they last longer. You might want to place a neon sign outdoors so that customers can identify your business from a good distance. To do this, you will need to invest in a plastic cover for the sign.

How Are LED Neon Signs Better?

If you feel reluctant about getting a neon sign for your business, don’t worry: there is a safer alternative. LED neon signs are replacing conventional neon signs by removing all those hidden costs mentioned above.

Low Power Consumption

LED neon signs require much less voltage, so you don’t need to be concerned about your sign getting hot and giving a shock. This type of neon sign requires a lower voltage input but has a higher output, which means your sign will be brighter and more visible.

Safer To Use

LED-based neon signs are warm to the touch since they don’t produce much heat. So ease your safety concerns because you can leave these signs on for long periods of time without overheating them. There aren’t any toxic gases or fragile glass tubes which makes LED signs safer and more durable.


LED signs are more energy efficient and do not contain any harmful chemicals. They also use up less resources to be manufactured and have a greater lifespan which makes them more sustainable than traditional neon signs. In fact, LED signs can even be dimmed using a remote control to make them more visually comfortable for individuals with light sensitivity issues.

Versatile Designs

Unlike traditional neon signs, LEDs offer a lot of flexibility for complex and custom designs. You can order signs of different shapes with customized text without them being too bulky and heavy. LEDs have more color options with radiant transitions which makes these types of signs more appealing.

Low Maintenance

With high durability also comes high resistance to impact, so you can use your LED neon signs without worrying about the weather. With minimal risk of breakage, your signs would last longer. Of course, you might still need to cover repair or maintenance costs.

Radikal Neon provides a 12 months’ warranty on all its signs so that businesses can continue to use high quality LED neon signs. They have in-house designs which are hand-made using sustainable resources, such as natural silicon diffusers. You can also build your own neon sign to perfectly fit into the vibe of your business. For an extra price, you can even request a remote control dimmer for your sign so that you can adjust the energy according to the event.

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Now that you’re well informed about the different types of neon signs in the market and the safer, durable and sustainable option (LED), you can start planning. Decide the kind of message and experience you want to deliver through your neon sign. After all, neon signs quickly become a recognizable part of your brand. Also, don’t forget how neon signs are a total vibe at night and instant conversation starters because of their dazzling colors — which is always great for business!