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Australians love their utes, the versatility of these four-wheeled workhorses make utility vehicles an excellent choice for a wide variety of uses, both recreational and professional! If you want to take your motor bikes to an off-road course, stick them in the back of your ute! If you want to open a mobile snack stand, do it in the back of your ute!

People enjoy customising their utes with add-ons and extras, and foremost among those are ute trays that provide a stable platform for just about any business or hobby you can think of! The ute tray offers the ability to extend your vehicle’s load area, providing much more useful space than a regular car is capable of. A sedan can’t transport a small ornamental tree or a sofa, nor can it transport livestock or a barbecue kitchen, but a ute fitted with a tray fitted can, no problem at all! If you need to move something, the ute can handle just about anything you want to throw in the back, giving you lots of options.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the many advantages a utility vehicle fitted with a ute tray can confer upon you:

Accessorize – The ute tray is like a Swiss Army knife, there are lots of options you can add to it depending on the task you want to carry out. You can add canopies, ladder racks, draws, storage boxes and more!

Security – One of the most popular ute tray accessories is a sturdy, built-in lockable storage box that you can keep expensive items like tools and equipment in, making them very difficult to steal! You won’t need to haul your toolbox inside with you whenever you park anymore, just leave it in the back, safe under lock and key.

Appearance – It’s easy to customize the way your ute tray looks! You have the option to choose sizes, measurements, materials used, finishes, and colours based on your personal needs and preferences. No two utes ever need be the same, it’s a simple matter to show off your business’s look and logo on your ute tray, making a unique and pertinent statement. Want to add a sign to advertise your mobile restaurant? No problem! Do you prefer a gold finish over silver? It’s easy! Whatever you want you can have with today’s customisable ute trays.

Safety – A ute tray can help protect your vehicle from the elements, as well as dust and dirt. Adding mud flaps will keep your vehicles underside cleaner, as well as prevent your tyres from spitting rocks at vehicles following you. The ute tray is the perfect place to mount extra hazard lights, safety blinkers, turn signals, reverse lights, and mobile spotlights, whatever you need! Your ute storage box is also the perfect place to keep emergency equipment such as jumper cables, flares, jacks, and cones, as well as your first aid kit!

If you have a ute and you want to get the most out of it, then consider having a custom ute tray installed, this amazing add on can make your professional and recreational dreams a reality!