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The pace of technology always seems to be increasing with each passing year, and there’s no reason for that trend to break going into 2025. We’ve collected a few of the most interesting trends and hardware developments to watch for in the upcoming year, to help build your anticipation for what’s to come.

From developments in artificial intelligence to the next big thing in gaming, there’s a lot to cover and to consider.

Where will AI and LLMs go next?

AI has quickly become one of the biggest topics of conversation in all of technology and digital culture. It’s easy to understand why, as it has the potential to touch nearly every aspect of modern society.

Large Language Models, better known as LLMs, were at the forefront of this dramatic increase in prominence. There’s no better way for people to understand the potential power of AI than to interact with it directly, and LLM platforms such as ChatGPT allowed people to do exactly that, seeing its power and versatility for themselves.

It didn’t stop there, of course. AI is also being used to produce artificial works of art, to recreate people’s speech, and for many more things besides. Some of these developments have been less than appreciated; while the influx of AI art was initially a subject of fascination, concerns over the creative rights of the artists whose work is trawled to create the AI art has since taken precedence.

Concerns such as this one will continue to percolate, but it’s unlikely to stop the influx of AI development. That development will create new opportunities for usage as soon as in 2025, but it may also create potential problems for those whose livelihoods could be affected by it.

Will the Switch 2 be the next gaming revolution?

New creations in the world of gaming have often been at the forefront of the conversation around digital and technological advancements, and that doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon. The most popular video game console of this gaming generation, the Nintendo Switch, is about to get a sequel, and fans are already scouring the internet for clues as to its potential capabilities.

Some basics are already being established by early reports, such as the ability of the Switch 2 to not only play original Nintendo Switch games, but to potentially improve them and their performance. That’s exciting for Nintendo fans and for gamers in general, but to really penetrate the broader discourse, Nintendo will have to offer more than that.

A better-performing portable console is likely, as are improvements in the Switch sequel’s screen. But will there be anything that really changes the gaming landscape? That’s what fans and industry pundits alike are waiting to find out. The wait shouldn’t drag on too long, as the Switch 2 is looking to be scheduled for a 2025 delivery.

Is physical media completely out?

Physical media has always been a staple of home entertainment. From vinyl records to cassette tapes and compact discs, the nature of physical media has changed from decade to decade, but its presence has remained the same.

The internet has fundamentally changed this, however. As internet connectivity has improved and internet speeds have increased, the proliferation of digital products and media has become a reliable constant.

As precious as physical media has often seemed in the past, there’s just no arguing with the convenience brought on by going digital. Why sort through dozens of vinyl records and flip your record every 20 minutes, when you could instead play most any song ever recorded and distributed at will from a digital device? Why rummage through a chest full of games to find the right cartridge or disc you’re looking for, when you can simply queue up your favorite game on-demand?

There’s no good answer to these questions and no real counter to this trend, which is why it’s likely to only continue in 2025. Many tech storefronts have already closed, and others could follow as they struggle to keep up and the companies that own the creative properties use digital distribution to cut out the middleman and bring their products directly to consumers.

These are far from the only tech trends to watch out for in 2025, but they are certainly among the most interesting, and each has a chance to make a big impact in the new year.