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Wedding day invitation has long ceased to be a typical postcard, bought in a kiosk or printing house. Today’s wedding invitations are part of the event concept, a foretaste of the holiday, and the promise of an unforgettable and unique event.

And to make it so, the invitation is no-holds-barred requirements. It should be the perfect announcement about your upcoming wedding – beautiful, informative, and personalized.

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What does a proper wedding invitation include? What information does it need to convey to the recipient? What types of wedding invitations exist?

The 5 ingredients of a proper wedding invitation

ingredients wedding invitation

Do not forget that the main purpose of the invitation – to convey the necessary information to the recipient about the upcoming wedding event. And that’s why filling it with text is an important point of a perfect invitation.

What? Where? When?

Who is getting married? When will the ceremony take place? In what place? These three questions are answered first by the wedding invitation. And then the details of etiquette begin.

If the newlyweds want to see the addressee at the ceremony in the registry office, and at the banquet, then the invitation indicates the time and registration, and the beginning of the banquet at the restaurant. Also with the addresses. It is possible to attach a map of the route, making it easier to find the best way to your destination.

Personal character

Address to the addressee by name. It is obligatory! And add patronymic, if the person is elderly or can not be addressed differently because of his status and position.

As a note: to the elderly relatives and the closest relatives invitations are given personally.

The names of the newlyweds should also be given. If the invitation in old-fashioned wedding invitations is addressed to relatives on the bride’s side, her name is placed first. If the guests from the groom’s side are invited, the first name will be his: “Cedric and Elena invite.


Such a note is obligatory if the invitation is sent to a single person, and the newlyweds do not mind that he came not alone, but in a pair with someone chosen at will.

The only condition for such a marking, the addressee must additionally confirm in what composition to wait for him and whether to wait at all.

An envelope with a return address

This is attached to the invitation, along with a card on which the addressee makes a note of whether he will come to the wedding or not. Of course, the envelope must be completely ready to send – have the address and stamps.

This functional idea was borrowed from European newlyweds. It makes life very easy for the bride and groom – having received cards with stamps, they will know exactly how many people to order for the banquet.

Tip: To get the right information on time, it is important to send invitations well in advance – a month or two before the celebration.

Dress code and gift giving

If the wedding is themed or the newlyweds have planned something grandiose, when the entourage obliges tailcoat and floor dress, then this should be indicated in the invitation.

Couples who prefer to receive a gift in money, and so write in the invitation: “The gift is better to leave in an envelope.

How to decorate a wedding invitation: 5 original ideas

wedding gift


Sending a letter by e-mail with an attachment. In the attachment can be a photo presentation with romantic music or a video file. This kind of invitation is economical, but not suitable for elderly relatives who are not friends with modern technology.

With a photo of the bride and groom.

This kind of invitation has a very personal character and is in the modern trend of personalized weddings. You can introduce a creative touch, adding an inscription such as “Save the date” and the inscription with the date to apply to the umbrella under which honeymooners took shelter, or make it in the form of a tablet that is held in the airport greeters.

With a gift.

The invitation is designed in a box in which, except for the invitation itself, put any memorable souvenir – a magnet with a photo of the young, or chocolate in the “wedding cover”, or an object that hints at the wedding theme – seashells, carnival mask, etc. is one of the perfect ideas for wedding invitation keepsake.

In the form of a scroll.

Scrolls can be decorated in different ways: glamorously – on designer paper with openwork edges, tying up with satin or lace ribbon; vintage – on aged paper with burned, frayed edges; historically – as a knightly scroll of cloth or paper, attached to two wooden sticks.

With riddles.

Invitations to be assembled from puzzle pieces, or by completing a special crossword puzzle.

Of course, this list of creative wedding invitation ideas is not exhausted. There are many more ways to surprise and delight your guests, such as vinyl wedding invitations to infect them with the right mood and anticipation of magic.