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Being a private online tutor, whether full-time or part-time, is always a highly profitable side gig. Considering the convenience and flexibility it offers, online learning has become a favourite among learners as well. Starting a private online tutoring business is an excellent opportunity for retired teachers, professional teachers, college students, or anyone with expertise in a specific niche.

While digitalization and access to the Internet have contributed to the popularity of online tutoring to an extent, the COVID-19 pandemic is the real reason for its global adoption by both tutors and learners.

From the learners’ perspective, online tutoring gives them the ability to choose learning according to their convenience. They get access to immense learning opportunities that traditional classroom-based learning doesn’t offer. Now coming to the benefits enjoyed by tutors, they are plenty as well, which we will discuss in this blog.

Let’s get started.

The pros of online tutoring business

If you are a classroom teacher, embracing online tutoring and setting up your own tutoring business can seem scary. But it doesn’t have to be. And the reward it brings often outweighs the transitional challenges and initial hassles of setting up a business. With the right tools and training, you can keep the business side of teaching students simple and streamlined.

To put you at ease, here are some of the pros of running an online tutoring business.

It’s convenient and saves time

Teaching online is very convenient for teachers, just like students, and it saves their precious time as well. Teachers can also choose to deliver live online classes that are one-to-one or group classes or provide self-paced online courses and assist learners in learning at their own pace and time.

Establish a multi-tutor business

If you are running a tutoring marketplace where you hire other tutors to take classes for your learners, then it becomes a highly rewarding and profitable business, beneficial to both you and your learners as they can learn from different subject experts.

Affordable Startup costs

One thing that worries most educators is the cost associated with setting up an online tutoring business. However, with cost-efficient software solutions available at our fingertips, running an online tutoring business is not challenging as in the earlier days.

You can begin with a basic laptop with a camera, a microphone, and an internet connection. Once you expand your business, invest in professional tutoring software that can help you establish your online tutoring platform with all basic and advanced functionalities. Pinlearn is one such all-inclusive tutoring solution that allows educators and edTech businesses to launch and run a full-fledged tutoring platform that helps tutors conduct both live classes and online courses.

Helps to choose a flexible teaching schedule

Unlike classroom teaching, where the tutor has to be at the class from 9-5, tutors can choose their schedule. Tutoring online can either be a full-time job or even a 1-hour side gig that could turn out to be a rewarding part-time job. The interaction between tutors and students is also flexible, just like the lesson delivery, where tutors can choose the mode of delivery and what type of content to offer.

Teaching in the comfort of home

Not just do learners feel more at ease at home, but it is also true with tutors. A quiet corner of the house where you can set up a small teaching space with all necessary supplies is a more accessible place to get into the teaching mode.

Financially rewarding

If you are into the traditional teaching profession, you do that out of passion. But the unfortunate reality is that many teachers aren’t earning enough. As an educator, if you are passionate about teaching and have the expertise, you can grow your career and earn enough to be comfortable (even rich).

Yes, becoming a self-employed online tutor is the answer. Online tutoring gives you the power to work with the student at your pace, make a difference, earn the income you deserve, and still have a rewarding career.

The internet is a familiar entity now

The internet and technology are familiar for all now for both parents and students. Laptops and tablets are familiar, and most students use them at home or school. Due to this, online learning tools aren’t new to students, so shifting to online tutoring will be natural for learners, which will also help with your teaching job.

Cons of running an online tutoring business

The advantages of online tutoring and many and, in most cases, outweigh the negatives. However, just like any other industry, tutoring online also has some downsides. Let’s get into the cons of running a private tutoring business.

Students miss the real interaction

According to a survey conducted among 25000 tutors across 8 countries, it was found out that most of them supported classroom-based teaching and claimed that online tutoring is not as effective as the former.

The reason is the ineffectiveness of online learning when it comes to tutor-student interaction and peer-to-peer interaction. While this is a real drawback, incorporating live classes with one-to-one sessions with tutors and integrating an engaging learning approach will help to solve this challenge to a certain extent.

Technology failure and related issues

As online tutoring relies on an internet connection and digital tutoring platform, it is obvious that technology-related challenges can arise at any time. To continue enjoying the advantages of online tutoring uninterruptedly, it is important for you to ensure both you and your students have access to a stable internet connection to avoid frequent network issues. And be prepared for any kind of technology failure with a plan B.


Transitioning from classroom teaching to online tutoring can be a challenging task for educators. However, it comes with many rewards and good income too. Running a tutoring business will help you to earn more, expand your learner base without any geographical boundaries, and embrace the word of technology.

Like any other business running a private tutoring business also comes with its own challenges. However, being aware of these cons and being prepared to tackle them with the right strategies will help you grow your tutoring business.