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Little Says “Christmas” More Loudly Than a Wreath

The history of the Christmas wreath goes all the way back to the 1800s, and the Christmas tree as a decorative feature can be traced back to the 16th century. Both hearken to an eternal spiritual idea. Look at a wreath, and you can see how that may be. It goes in a circle; an endless circle. The idea is that it is a sort of circle of eternity.

It’s easy to see why, when people think of Christmas, there are three primary items that immediately jump to mind: Christmas trees, wreaths, and multicolored lights. Santa Claus is in there somewhere as well, but usually for younger celebrants.

However, beyond the archetypical nature of a Christmas wreath, and its message of unending spiritual renewal, there are some fine additional reasons this particular decoration is, perhaps, the “queen” to the Christmas tree’s “king”.

Infinite Decoration Potential

First, a wreath is an example of a Christmas decor that can take on practically any flavor. You can make a wreath of flowers or conifer branches. You can decorate with ornaments, garlands, or LEDs. Whatever fits your preferences, wreaths offer a great option. They can be large, they can be small, they can be monochromatic or multi-colored; whatever works.

Easy Placement: Doors, Walls, Roofs, Interior, Exterior

Another thing you can do with a wreathe is put it practically anywhere. It’s most common to hang wreaths on the front door of your house, but one can be hung on the wall, it can be mounted on the ceiling, and you don’t have to limit yourself to interior decoration. Wreaths go great outside, and since many are made from natural materials, they’re quite sturdy.

Also, they’re really easy to mount. You just have to have a surface from which a wreath can be hung. Maybe you hang the wreath on a nail, or maybe just on the edge of a shelf. There are lots of options here. Honestly, you can mount it using an improvised method, or use something more well-known; whatever works.

The Queen of Christmas Decoration

The Living Angle: Wreathes are Easier to Manage Than Trees

Wreathes that are completely alive exist, and they’re absolutely gorgeous. Basically, moss, succulents, and other flora that can be combined successfully are used to create décor that is as alive as the spiritual eternity it physically represents.

Living wreaths really draw attention, and though they’re very “doable”, you don’t see living wreaths very often. If you haven’t gone this route before, you might want to experiment with it to see if such décor suits you.

Wreathing Your House in Christmas Cheer

Okay, pun aside, wreaths are the best. You can decorate them in a variety of styles to suit your preferences, they’re easy to place in multiple areas of the home both internal and external, and living wreaths which include succulents and moss can be managed year-round. The Christmas tree is king, but the wreath is clearly the queen of Christmas.