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Waste disposal is an important factor when we talk about the hygienic society and atmosphere. Most of the household, Industrial and construction sites waste cause unnecessary harm to the quality of the atmosphere. To get rid of them, dumpster trailers come to rescue you under this condition. But do these dumpster trailers also have any recognition in the business world? They have a big place in the business world as people do start buying the specific kinds of dumpsters to rent them off and to earn a considerable profit from them.

What are commercial dump trailers?

These are the containers along with the wheels which help to take the waste from an area. These commercial dumpster rentals are mostly big enough to take the waste of a construction site or any other area with a large amount of waste there.

As it can move with the help of wheels so that it can also be called as rubber-wheeled dumpsters. However there are different types of dump trailers that can vary depending upon their size, shape and the capacity of the waste they can carry (GVWR).

Although there is no any limit in their usage as they can be used equally to haul the waste of industries, construction sites and farming areas as well. As there are so many different types of dumpster trailers available, sometimes it becomes difficult to choose a specific one depending upon its different qualities.

How dump trailers work:

Dump trailers have hydraulics which help to lift up the trailer beds from their castings or frames. It helps them to unload all the haul and waste efficiently. The dumpster rental trailer services are available everywhere and specially in the developed countries like U.S, they have these services all over the areas like Toms River NJ. The Toms River NJ dumpster rental provides their services to hump the construction debris and household clean outs as well.

Different types of dumpster rental trailers:

  • End Dump Trailers:

These trailers dump the haul from the rear side by lifting up the dump box in air. They can lift up heavy concrete materials and can unload them even at confined and close spaces. They are considered as the best options for agricultural and construction sites.

  • Bottom Dump Trailers:

These are the specific trailers with a clamshell dump gate at its trailer. They are designed in a way that they can lessen the weight but can maximize the payload. It doesn’t roll off while dumping. These were best for material transport, stockpile and asphalt paving.

  • Side Dump Trailers:

They have hydraulic rams that help it to unload all the material while tilting towards the right or the left side. They are highly useful for the areas which have uneven grounds or soft places with no concrete support. These are best for excavation, stockpile dumps, fine materials semi-liquids and building roads.

Top 10 Commercial Dumpster Rental Trailers for Business Solutions:

People do rent their trailers for the business point of view as it is not possible for every construction site owner to buy a dumpster trailer specifically to dispose of the waste of his site. So, for this purpose they choose the dumpster rental trailers option which are economically affordable.


They can be used commercially for business solutions as these can fit in tight spots, are very easy to operate and it is easy to haul equipment with it. But they are expensive and have only one attachment.


They are less expensive than the previous one, easy to handle and put trash in the bin. No high maintenance cost required for the bins. They are versatile with 4 different types of attachment.


It is easy to haul equipment with them and they can maneuver into the tight areas. They are very easy to handle.


Easy to rent as they are not very expensive. They have 4 different types of attachments as well as bins that do not require much regular maintenance.

10 Yard dumpster:

They are helpful to rent if you own a small scale project. They can help you to remove the heavy concrete base waste too. They are 7.5 feet in width, 14 feet in length and 3.5 feet in height.

You can load 10 cubic yards of debris in these containers. The total disposal weight can go upto 2 to 3 tons.

Big Tex Trailers 70SR-10-5W:

Their price can go around 7,799.00 dollars. They are 60×10 in size and have 5 channel frames. They have a GVWR of about 3500 Lbs.

Griffin Trailers GT608:

Their price goes around 8,000 dollars. They have a GVWR of about 5200 Lbs. Hydraulics are 12V DC. They have the standard size of 60×10.

MAXX-D D6X-7K 60″ Scissor Lift Dump Trailer:

They have the price range around $8,000. They have the size of 10’x60” with GVWR of about 7,000- 9,990 lbs.Their frame is  5×2” 11 and have Gauge Tube Frame along with 10K Hydraulic Scissor Hoist.

PJ Trailers – 60’ Utility Dump(D5):

Their price goes around $9,399.00. They have a relatively small size of 8’x10”  with GVWR of ranging between 5,200- 9,990 lbs. Their frame is 5×2” 11 Gauge Tube Frame with 12V Hydraulic Pump – Power Up/Down System.

Diamond C Trailers GST:

The price goes around $9,899.00 with a size of 8’x60”. They have a GVWR of around 6,000 lbs with a frame of 6” I-Beam. The 3 Stage Telescopic Cylinder makes it different from the other options.

Final Verdict:

These were the top 10 best commercial options for dumpster rental trailers for business solutions. All of them have different price ranges to loading capacity. Anyone can choose any of the dumpster rental trailers among them depending upon their need. Although all of them have some pros and cons, the person can choose them upon their personal requirements.