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Many people spend their whole lives looking for that someone special and they never find them. Others however are lucky and they do find the person that they want to spend the rest of their lives with. When you finally make up your mind that this is the person that you want to wake up to first thing in the morning and say goodnight to last thing at night then it’s time for your proposal. This is a very exciting time but also a very stressful one as well because you want it to be memorable but you don’t want it to be cliché.

One of the first things that you need to put into place is deciding what kind of engagement ring you wish to purchase and if you want one with an invisible setting or not. You also need to figure out what kind of ring would suit your partner and what can let them know that they mean everything to you and that you love them so much. This is why picking out the perfect engagement ring is essential and so the following are just some top tips to help.

  • What kind of band – We are pretty much spoilt for choice when it comes to the band that we want to choose for the engagement ring and so rather than making the choice easier, it has made it much harder. You want to be able to pick something that really does reflect the personality of your partner but also something that will stand the test of time. It’s likely that they will want to wear this same ring every single day and so it has to be something that fits with their wardrobe.
  • What kind of stone – I know it seems obvious that you should pick a diamond every single time but sometimes the bride-to-be would like something quite different. Personalities like pop stars, movie stars and even Facebook influencers may have gotten engaged recently and they may have chosen a completely different stone other than a diamond. Think about your partner’s birthstone and if this would give the engagement ring that something extra.
  • What size will you buy – This is a difficult one if you don’t already know your partner’s ring size and so you’re going to have to do some out-of-the-box thinking to find out what size you need to purchase. Obviously, you want it to be a surprise and so you need to bring out the cat burglar in you and while your bride is sleeping at night, maybe get a ring that you wear is the same finger and quickly outline it with a pencil onto a piece of paper.

Then there is the price to consider as well because if you want to start your new life with this particular individual and you spend too much money on the ring, then they are not going to be happy with your expenditure at all.