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Working as a traffic controller can be an ideal job for many since you get to travel to various locations, work in industries of your choice, such as building, mining, and construction, and help workers, drivers, and pedestrians stay safe in the work zone.

However, you need to be legally authorized, especially in Australia, when wanting to get hired as a traffic controller by enrolling yourself in a license-based traffic control course by AlertForce. In addition to this, you also need to clear your expectations regarding the job role.

Therefore, we’ll share several things in this article that you need to know before becoming a traffic controller. Read on to learn!

What Are the Roles and Duties of a Traffic Controller?

Managing the flow of traffic (including machinery, vehicles, and pedestrians) is the primary duty of a traffic controller. Although you may think that as a traffic controller, you will only need to hold the stop-slow bat to direct traffic, it’s more than that.

Other tasks and responsibilities of a traffic controller include setting up signs and devices for traffic management, implementing and monitoring safety and traffic management plans, guiding both drivers and pedestrians by explaining routes and operations, and maintaining road signs and equipment.

What Happens in the Day of a Traffic Controller?

Most of the time of a traffic controller will be spent outdoors and on your feet. Of course, you will have to come prepared for a hectic day with your food and drinks and even a sturdy pair of boots.

However, you will be required to wear Personal Protective Equipment like a high-visibility jacket, sunscreen, a stiff-brimmed hat, and a long-sleeved top. According to the weather conditions, other relevant gear may also be required.

It’s essential to know that working in the construction industry, you may also be required to fulfill other tasks. Therefore, you may have to take breaks in between and switch job roles during the day.

How to Be a Traffic Controller?

The requirements for a traffic controller may vary from state to state. However, in general, you will be required to finish a course that’s related to holding the stop-slow bat and implementing an effective plan for traffic management.

It’s imperative to keep in mind that when working on the construction site, a construction induction (or white card) to facilitate you in safely working on site will be a requirement.

In addition, you must have appropriate English language skills to be able to communicate with traffic control team members easily and understand management plans and guidance for traffic.

How Much Can You Expect to Get Paid as a Traffic Controller?

You will need to work anywhere between 8 and 10 hours a day. According to Indeed, a traffic controller’s average salary in the US and Australia is $14.01 and $33.61 per hour, respectively. Whereas, according to Seek, you can expect your salary to be anywhere between $55k and $65k annually.

With the job flexibility and other perks you get by becoming a traffic controller, there’s no doubt this job position can serve as a steady source of income for many.