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Staying fit is not a choice; it has become a necessity because of the change in our lifestyle. Fitness can help us in achieving a more outstanding balance in life. There are several female fitness models out there who can inspire you to become fit. Some of them have pursued modeling as a career for a long time. In contrast, others have transitioned in their career and become models. Irrespective of that, we have made a list of the 15 most attractive female fitness models. Let’s take a look at that without wasting any further time.

Sommer Ray

In case we take Instagram followers into consideration. Among all women fitness models, Sommer Ray will definitely top our list. She has close to 25 million followers on Instagram, and most of her followers are amazed by the seductive photos she regularly posts on her profile. The fitness model is 24; at this tender age, she has achieved great success, which others can only dream of. The American fitness model also runs a clothing brand successfully known as Sommer Ray Collection, which is getting popular among people with time.

Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin has had a fantastic career journey so far. She started her career as a nurse in a Venezuela clinic, and soon after, her career turned. Now Michelle is one of the top-ranked female fitness figures who will bless your feed with her fantastic physique if you follow her. Over the years, she has been on the cover of several widely popular fitness magazines such as Iron Man, Sports and Fitness, and others.

Kayla Itsines

If we are talking about top female fitness models, we must mention Kayla Itsines. She is in her late 20s. Kayla is a personal trainer, and she has launched a series of books on the internet known as Bikini Body Guides. The Australian model has also created a fitness app called Sweat with Kayla, which became the most successful app for fitness back in 2016. On Instagram, she has quite an impressive fan following of 12.5 million. Moreover, she is one of the wealthiest fitness models, with a whooping net worth of 60 million USD.

Paige Hathaway

Paige Hathaway originates from Minnesota, and at present, she is one of the highest-paid women’s fitness models. She earns her mainly living by participating in bikini competitions and appearing on the cover of magazines. She began her career back in 2011. Paige had a rough childhood due to her parent’s divorce and custody issues. She has changed her life miraculously; now, millions of people look up to her because of her incredible physique.

Brooke Ence

Brooke Ence found an equal amount of success in both fitness and acting. She was a part of the CrossFit Games in 2015, where she stood 14th, and this year the fitness model is planning to make a comeback in the competition. Brooke has also acted in movies like Wonder Woman (2017) and Justice League (2017).

Jen Steller

We must mention Jen Steller’s name when making female fitness models. At present, she is just 26 years old. Back in the day, she discovered her love and passion for fitness when she used to do desk jobs at a gym. After that, she never looked back, and now she is an internet sensation. She has popularised the term ‘belfie’ among netizens which is nothing but a butt selfie. She has been on the cover of many fitness magazines, such as Vanity Fair, The New York Post, and others. You can see her signature ‘Seltering’ pose there.

Anella Sagra

Anella Sagra knows how to seize opportunities. Before entering the fashion industry, Anella was a fashion design student. This beauty moved from Columbia to the United States to fulfill her dreams, and she stood third in the first competition in which she took part. She has a jaw-dropping physique and flaunts that in her social media posts.

Emile Skye

Emile Skye has been in the fashion and fitness industry for years. With her years of experience, she established Emily Skye FIT, her brand. She also runs an online program that guides women to become more fit.

Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee’s journey is something that we only see in movies. When she was young, she never liked herself because of her tiny stature. Her mother then took the matter into her own hands and helped her to rediscover herself. With her help, she soon started to follow her passion, and one day, an eminent dancer tagged her in one of her posts. Since then, she has been a hot topic of discussion among fitness freaks, which is why she is on our list of hottest fitness models in 2022

Ana Cheri

Apart from being a successful fitness model, Ana Cheri is also a gym owner, an actress, and quite a successful entrepreneur. She has run her own fitness brand, Cheri Fit, for the last few years. Because of her breathtaking beautiful figure, she was a part of the Playmate models in 2015.

Lauren Drain

Lauren Drain’s journey is from a book she has already published. We are not kidding; she has written a book that has become a New York Times bestseller. In his earlier days, she was forced to be a part of a cult, and after coming out of that, she changed her life quite successfully. Currently, she is married to the love of her life and runs her own business. Besides all these, Lauren is also a Bikini Pro model, A trained registered nurse.

Anna Nystrom

Anna Nystrom has inspired many people to be fit via social media. Although she had a rocky past, she had to go through a few setbacks in her studying days. She found a new way of life when she learned about health and fitness. The rest, as we all know. At present, she has over 8.5 million followers. She also runs her own clothing brand known as Revelle since 2018.

Valentina Lequeux

Valentina Lesquex will be a part of any conversation regarding the hottest female fitness models. She was born in Buenos Aires but was raised in the state of Florida. On social media, she has close to 1.8 million followers. She uploads regular workout videos and provides dietary advice to her followers.

Tammy Hembrow

Tammy is a young mother of two. At 26, this Australian model gained 11.3 million followers on Instagram. She loves to live a healthier lifestyle and teaches others to live healthy with the help of her fitness brand, which she launched in 2015.

Heidi Somers

Heidi Somers has always lived up to her potential after recovering from her troublesome past. Back in the day, she had to deal with relationship issues and some health hazards. Then she moved from Alaska to Texas, where she got associated with CrossFit and built her impressive physique there.

Final Words

We expect you to enjoy reading the list of the top 15 female fitness models. Get inspired by the journey of these amazing women and begin your fitness journey today. Who knows, you can be a part of this list one day.