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Your company has a new Zoom office background with logo and assigns you to make a presentation about it. How can you deliver an informative and interesting demonstration? The key is following these three steps.

1. Prepare Your Tech and Tools

You should prepare your technology ahead of time to avoid malfunctions and delays. An excellent first step is to test your webcam and adjust settings as necessary. Most laptops have a built-in camera, but there are alternatives if yours doesn’t work. External cameras usually connect via a USB port, making setup fairly simple.

Next, you should test your microphone. Again, most laptops have built-in microphones, and external webcams also have them. However, you can opt for a headset mic if you plan to move around, as this keeps audio levels from drastically changing volume.

Once you’ve checked your audio and visual components, it’s time to test your virtual meeting software. Make sure nothing lags and all the features are functional. For example, you should download and try any Zoom office backgrounds you haven’t used before.

2. Practice Your Meeting With Friends

Many prepare for a presentation by writing a script or creating an outline, but that’s only half the battle. You must also practice delivery to ensure you don’t stumble over words. A great way to practice is to enlist a friend or significant other for feedback:

  • Did you talk too fast or too slow?
  • Were there parts that needed more explanation?
  • Did you sound like an expert on the topic?

If your delivery seems too formal, you can add jokes to shake things up. Practice these as well to ensure they don’t fall flat.

Finally, don’t forget to incorporate pauses where your audience can ask questions. Doing so ensures everyone keeps up with the presentation, and it’s especially important if the topic includes changes to a department, project or process.

3. Eliminate Distractions

When you give a presentation, it should be your number one focus. Small things like text messages or outside noise can distract you, making you lose your train of thought. To avoid this issue, eliminate as many distractions as you can beforehand.

For example, turn off your phone and other electronics. It’s also OK to ask your peers to do the same so notification won’t distract you or the audience.

In fact, you may want to establish muting rules if your workplace doesn’t have any. For example, everyone can agree to mute themselves and signal a question by raising their hands. This approach limits interruptions and shows respect for all involved.

It’s also a good idea to arrange a quiet space for your presentation. If you don’t have a home office with a door, reserve a soundproof room at a library or coworking space. Doing so prevents others from walking across your background.

Finally, close any windows you don’t need for your presentation. That way, you don’t have to worry about losing tabs or pulling up something that shouldn’t be in a professional setting.

With your Zoom background with logo set and all distractions eliminated, you’re ready to deliver a compelling speech. Your peers are sure to enjoy your work and learn valuable information.